Fast online runner!

Robin Vonk continues to go from strength to strength as we launch into 2016. On the race front, he has run two PBs already with a 16:18 park run 5km and a 33:25 Striders Homebush 10km (18secs PB). What has made the difference has been the steady increase in mileage post Auckland marathon, a very strong desire to improve and test himself and an amazing dedication to hitting every session possible despite travel, work and family commitments. This consistency is paying dividends as he continues to monitor his body for signs of fatigue and rest accordingly.

Recently Robin joined his Rejoov coach Chris Truscott and a few others in a tough marathon paced tempo run of 25km at 3:40k pace and kept his own throughout. A valuable session for running at a higher pace for longer and in a pack. 

Chris is looking forward to running the Canberra marathon with Robin in April as they both hunt down a low 2:30hr time. Can Robin beat the coach?! 

Robin had a fantastic 2015 with 3 pbs: Sydney Harbour 10k 33.43, SMH half 76.05 & Auckland marathon 2.43.38. Robin runs 6-8 times a week between 80-110km including: 2 speed sessions, a long run and 3-5 easy to moderate runs with pace targets for each run. His only injury was soccer related (ankle) but a diligent recovery and return to running schedule ensured he bounced back to full training quickly. The result - a massive 28min marathon PB in Auckland. 

Robin targets around 2 races per month. 

Keep up the great training Robin and good luck for 2016. Go Sydney Striders!