Hayley achieves 5k

At Rejoov Runners we encourage newbies to take up the sport and aim to achieve a 5k non-stop run after a suitable amount of weeks to months. We progress our runners right through all distances to their hearts desire and into competitive racing on the road, trail, soft sand or track! Many of our runners are getting faster with every session and race and some just love to run to keep fit without even racing at all. We welcome everyone, we have fun along the way and we are here to help you achieve your potential in a positive environment. 

Here's newbie and mum Hayley Waterhouse's 5k beginner program fabulous re-cap: "Before I signed up with Rejoov Runners I was a bit lost in my running program. I was doing some interval training but couldn’t run more than 1 minute at a time. I am in the morbidly obese weight range and wasn’t sure when I should push myself and when I should hold back. There are hundreds of free running plans online but I didn’t know if I should attempt a generic plan and didn’t know who to ask. I was also afraid of injuring myself and being out of action for months. Rejoov Runners provided a 12 week program complete with expert support. My coach Greta was very encouraging and answered all my questions thoroughly. She gave me the freedom to go my own pace and by the end of the program I ran 5km non-stop! That’s running for over 35 mins at my pace! The most important thing I learned is that I can run. This is the best value online run coaching around. If you are thinking about running – I highly recommend this program". 

Thanks Hayley, well done and good luck for your upcoming training and Park Runs, we're so proud of you. Hayley is going to repeat her program to try and be even stronger the 2nd time round and then she's planning on trying the next level program. If you or anyone you know needs a hand with their training please email us anytime to chat further on greta@rejoovrunners.com.au