If you live locally, jump into our popular "Rejoov Runners" group based in Sydney's Centennial Park, ES Marks Track & Coogee beach. All sessions led by Greta & Chris Truscott. The Tuesday / Wednesday / Thursday / Saturday morning running sessions will give you the ideal speed work (tempo, fartlek, intervals or hills) to train for your target events together with our Sunday long run.  See below for session times.  

We offer the ideal distance running training for road, trail, track, cross country and soft sand events.  

We cater for all ages & levels, family members (including kids & teenagers) - absolute beginners right through to experienced marathoners & ultra runners at a top level. Many of our runners participate or compete in events and the rest just enjoy becoming trim and agile. You can train to get faster & be your best with our expert program and cutting edge sessions or simply to improve general fitness and well being.  

We are an affiliated club with Athletics NSW: http://www.nswathletics.org.au/Membership/Clubs . We want to see runners of all levels and ages doing track events in Summer and Cross Country events in Winter as well as Run NSW road events. To register as a Rejoov Runner for the Athletics NSW - track, cross country & run nsw road events for the year simply head to the website: http://www.nswathletics.org.au/Membership/Memberships/Athletes (scroll down and click on "Join Now" - then find Rejoov Runners in the drop down menu) or register via our direct Rejoov Runners link: https://memberdesq.onesporttechnology.com/3159 (click on the Registration tab). Once you're in there, you will see the whole range of packages and which one best suits you or family. 

Utilise our Rejoov sessions to train up for running events ranging from 4k to marathons / ultras and everything in between such as Park Run, Canberra Running Festival, Mother's Day Classic, SMH half marathon, Sydney Harbour 10k, Sydney or Perth City to Surf, Gold Coast Festival, Adelaide's City to Bay, Southern Highlands Challenge, Blackmores Running Festival, Sunshine Coast half marathon / marathon, Melbourne Festival, 4k/10k Bondi soft sand, 6 Foot Track, North Face 50k/100k, track races, cross country, soft sand events and much more. 

Take the guess work out of your running training so you can optimise your potential. 

Running Sessions

Tuesday morning speed work  

Time: 6am Centennial Park
Where: 6am out front of the main Centennial Park Restaurant on the white fence cnr of Parkes Dv & Grand Dv. 
Focus: Speed Endurance 

  • Warm up jog, drills, strides

  • Tempo / Fartlek / Intervals

  • Intervals / hills

  • Cool down jog & stretch

  • Adults & kids

QP Kids Thursdays  

Time: 4.15pm to 5pm
Where: on the grass out front of the Queens Park Shed cafe / near the enclosed playground - Darley Road, QP
Focus: Kids running & fitness, from 6yrs to teens, all levels welcome, training for fitness or for events i.e. school cross country & athletics

  • Warm ups

  • Fun technique drills

  • Sprints & interesting loops

  • Games & obstacle courses

  • Fun & suitable strength exercises

  • Coached by highly experienced, Athletics Australia Accredited Coaches - Greta & Chris Truscott

QP kids running May.jpg .jpg

Wed night track mthly time trials

Time: 6pm w-up, 6.30pm 5k TT, ES Marks Track
Where: ES Marks Track in front of the amenties block
Focus: Speed, interclub - all clubs & levels welcome  

  • 6pm Warm up jog, drills, strides

  • 6.30pm time trial 5k start

  • Cool down jog & stretch

  • adults & juniors

Thursday morning speed work  

Time: 6am Centennial Park
Where: 6am out front of the main Centennial Park Restaurant on the white fence cnr of Parkes Dv & Grand Dv.
Focus: Speed  

  • Warm up jog, drills, strides

  • Intervals / Hills

  • Cool down jog & stretch

  • adults & kids

Saturday morning speed work  

Time: 7am
Where: out front of the main Centennial Park Restaurant or at various locations for fun variety
Focus: Speed Endurance 

  • Warm up jog, drills, strides

  • Tempo / Fartlek / Hills / Intervals

  • Cool down jog & stretch

  • adults & kids

Track time trial ES Marks big group June 2019.jpg
saturday watson’s bay followed by coffee & brekkie

saturday watson’s bay followed by coffee & brekkie

Sunday social / long runs 

Time: 6.30am & 7am start times (flexible)
Where: from Centennial Park Restaurant or anywhere round Sydney that your pace group goes

Focus: social long runs of varying distance / pace  

You will be buddied up with a similar pace group and together decide whether to meet in the park or mix it up round Sydney from week to week. You can complete which ever distance suits you and your program. Coffee catch ups post session are a highlight. 

Brilliant sunrise May 2019 thursday morning session warm up

Brilliant sunrise May 2019 thursday morning session warm up


Please contact Spot Anderson, Bondi Fit head swim coach if you're keen on swim sessions / stroke correction. www.bondifit.com.au   Swimming is great for added cardio for us runners especially if we have niggles and can't run as much as we would like. There are so many benefits. Train up in the pool & the ocean and you might wish to take part in ocean events this Summer including Spot's Thursday evening Bondi biathlons & Andy Reid's November Bondi Splash n Dash. All fabulous fun. 


Contact Greta & Chris at any time to discuss your goals & progress.

Greta & Chris will forward you the monthly group program if you are attending the group sessions. We focus on personal goals in a fun and encouraging group running environment. 

Online programs - close monitoring and guidance across all training specifics including mileage and paces. If you require an online running program to encompass all your weekly training and mileage to target specific events then please contact Greta & Chris. 

Social connection with our training sessions, get togethers, Facebook group & whatsapp chats etc. For session reminders, training tips and inspiration from Greta, Chris and your training peers, jump online into the Rejoov Runners private group page. (Find the page or Greta Truscott so she can add you to this private group forum).

"Fun & Friendly" "Get the most out of yourself" and "Fitness for life at all levels" are our mottos. We are more than just a running club as we look at all aspects for an all round, revitalising & fun experience including social get togethers, strength training and mindset workshops plus much more. All this for unbeatable value anywhere in Sydney! 

Our running sessions are awesome for triathletes as well. 

Running will optimise your health and fitness.

Rejoov utilises smart training methods and encourages everyone to engage in injury prevention strategies and recovery methods like progressive & balanced training, core work, strength work, stretching, self massage, sports massage, treatment, technique development, rest & relaxation, mindset training etc.

Strength training for runners

We have special strength classes for rejoovers led by Physio Mark Mitchell and Exercise physiologist Trent Langlands at E-lab 926 Anzac Pde, Maroubra 7pm Wednesdays. Let Greta know if you're keen to jump in with us. $20-25 for the hour.  http://rejoovrunners.com.au/blog/2016/7/20/strength-training-for-runners

Working on the mindset is important to us too: http://rejoovrunners.com.au/blog/2016/7/20/mindset-workshop-with-evolve-institute