Take the guess work out of your training and achieve your optimal running potential and event goals. Our online running programs will suit you whether you are training on your own or with a running group. You can follow through the program day by day, week by week and ensure you are ticking off all the necessary running sessions & mileage plus core work & recovery methods. Our programs enable you to be the best you can be by training wisely with quality.  

These programs will provide you with the balance you need based on your lifestyle and work commitments as we help you train. The programs are not set and forget but rather offer you the opportunity to help shape your training as you are encouraged to share feedback each week regular emails and checklists. 

We encourage you to visit our testimonial page to become even more confident with what these online programs will offer you. Both Greta and Chris have enjoyed many positive results achieved by their online runners. We look forward to helping you out soon.

Online running programs

  • Be inspired and encouraged to get the most out of yourself
  • Target your desired training level taking into account your family & work commitments and all your fitness goals & events.  These goals may include 5k, 10k, Half Marathon, Marathon, 50k or 100k Ultra's
  • Famous Aussie fun runs which you might be training for can include (among all others): Park Runs, Mother's Day Classic, Perth or Sydney's City to Surf, Sydney Morning Herald half marathon, Adelaide City to Bay, Gold Coast festival, Sydney's Blackmores 4k, 9k, half marathon or marathon, Bondi Soft Sand Classic 4k/10k, Jock Athletic soft sand X-treme 6k or 2.5k, Southern Highlands Challenge trail 6k, 21k, 50k, Sydney Trail Series - 8k, 10k, 20k, 6 Foot Track Ultra 45k, Trailwalker 100k, Northface 50k, 100k, etc
  • Famous overseas events can include (among all others): Bay to Breakers San Francisco, London Marathon, Berlin Marathon, Paris Marathon, New York Marathon (biggest marathon in the world!), Terrewera 100k NZ,  Kepler trail NZ 30k, 60k, etc 

Our running programs help you to...

  • Develop your smart (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time frame) goals 
  • Promote good life balance and enjoyment of sport for life
  • Revitalise and keep going strong
  • Discuss progress, manage training load, apply adequate recovery methods & seek treatment where required all to optimise performance and minimise the risk of injuries.
  • We utilise smart training methods and encourage everyone to engage in injury prevention strategies and recovery methods like progressive & balanced training, core work, strength work, stretching, self massage, sports massage, treatment, technique development, rest & relaxation etc.

Getting Started

Simply contact Greta or Chris on 0419 021 694 or greta@rejoovrunners.com.au / chris@rejoovrunners.com.au to chat further. We'll send you a questionnaire etc and get you started.