2018 running festival results

Canberra April 2018: Well done everyone across 5k, 10k, half, marathon & 50k, lots of pbs & break through runs. Jaden & Greta enjoyed cheering 👏🏻 . Great team dinner Saturday night & fun post run celebrations Sunday, happy bday John McCormack 🎉. 
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Canberra Marathon:

Rob Wilson 2.52 & 7min PB 

Johnny McCormack 3.28.10 tough solo into head wind section & a 17min PB

Jo Hadley 3.42.50 thrilled with breakthrough 8min PB

Lisa Charles 5.08 debut breakthrough training for UTA 50k  

Fran Boorer pacing 6hrs 


Canberra half marathon: 

Maya Borthwick 89.10 happy to be racing again 10th female 

Rachel Birds 93.49 a 1.5min PB 

Grant Sherman 94.23 a 20min PB

Lisa Sherman 96.33 close to pb

Adam Ballesty 97.08 enjoyed running with running husband DMac

Darren MacGregor 97.08

Olivia Johnson 97.19 first half post baby 

Georgina Eden 98.52 an 8min PB 

Jamie Broom 1.33.50 a 4min PB

Chris Truscott 77.10 seized a bit in cold 

Sarah Binks 1.40.13 seized a bit in cold

Dave Stewart 1.40.11 debut road half PB 

Darren Bagnall 1.44.41 backing up after 10k day prior & enjoyed a PB 

Olivia McArdle 1.59.31 beat the past 2yrs 

Janine Tennille 2.14 recovering from injury 

Pam Beigel 2.05.31 thrilled with a 35min PB 

Brett Rubin 2.33 happy & training well for UTA 

Jo Zimerman 1.48 training for UTA



Oliver Gissing 39.23 on come back 

Darren Bagnall 44.53 fastest time in 25yrs 

Rebecca McCormack 59.29 happy to be running 

Melissa MacGregor 29.52 5k event debut 


Ultra 50k: 

Lesley 6.08 debut 

Diala 6.08 debut 


Thanks Cheer squad & photographers: Zac, Melissa M & girls, Caroline B & Kids, Greta & Jaden

 Pyjama party or the start of the Canberra Australian Running Festival ? 

Pyjama party or the start of the Canberra Australian Running Festival ? 

Manly Splash Series team WIN

Congrats Rejoov Runners team on the Club Challenge WIN at Manly @splashseries April 2018 across 4 events: soft sand mile, 2k Swim, 3k splash n dash & Duck Dash! Thanks everyone for supporting this special event. Matty Harris summed it up beautifully, @reidy__ putting your heart n sole into it. Quality emceeing @deandegan 👌🏼#rejoovrunners #teamwin 🏆 #softsand #running #ocean#swimming #beach #Manly #manlysplash #waysyouthservices #runwithsole @saltydingo @saorlafinucane @jessehanna1 📸 @ Manly Surf Club

Larapinta Trail Rejoov Getaway 2018

A successful debut Rejoov running getaway on the Larapinta Trail Easter 2018. 

Over 60-90km completed by these Larapinta Legends for 4 days of rugged, spectacular trails in hot conditions. Chris, my Dad Glen Auricht & I enjoyed sharing the unforgettable experience with everyone. The group rose to the challenge and blew us away with their strength & determination every single day. Safety was paramount so we had sat phones, EPIRBS, walkie talkies, a permit from the National Park who had our exact itinerary, buddy systems, whistles, sweepers, plenty of food and hydration, top first aid equipment etc. The Reptile Centre taught us what is out there and how to apply snake bite compression bandage (not required phew). Thanks sponsors Tailwind hydration, Hoka one one & ICG.

Larapinta trail is 223km long, but 231k includes the return back down Mt Sonder (1380m). Section 1 opened in 1990 and all 12 sections completed by 2002. Larapinta means Finke River in Arrernte Aboriginal language.  The terrain was very different along each section of the Larapinta trail.

We enjoyed swimming in 4 different big waterholes along the way (Ellery Big Hole, Ormiston Gorge, Red Bank Gorge & Glen Helen Gorge) especially after the runs! We stayed at Glen Helen “outback” resort for 2 nights set right on the hugest waterhole of all, so deep no one has ever claimed to touch the bottom!

See our large Facebook album for all the spectacular pics: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10156764613548974&type=1&l=bf55e37456

 Section 12 Mt Sonder start

Section 12 Mt Sonder start

 Chris Truscott & robyn bruins top of mt sonder

Chris Truscott & robyn bruins top of mt sonder

 Glen Helen Gorge - zebras having a dip 

Glen Helen Gorge - zebras having a dip 

 Group stretch at Glen Helen outback resort

Group stretch at Glen Helen outback resort

 Beautiful creeks to run through and lots of waterholes to swim in

Beautiful creeks to run through and lots of waterholes to swim in