City to Surf 2019 by Chris Truscott

City to Surf number 34

(a personal experience) by Chris Truscott

Chris going through Rose Bay

Chris going through Rose Bay

As the first morning rays creep over the looming bulk of the infamous Kings Cross Coke sign, the nerves immediately begin to tingle. It suddenly starts to feel real. History dictates that it simply will not rain on us. Nor should it. Because we are assembling at the start of Australia’s most iconic running event – The City to Surf.

On a global scale, this event is well known. In running circles perhaps it’s up there with how the Melbourne Cup is globally known in horse racing circles nowadays. With the C2S, 80 000 people enter, most turn up to compete or complete (let’s face it, it would be unAustralian for 100% attendance), but one thing remains true – no one escapes the fact that they are about to cover the hardest 14km road race on the calendar.

Make no mistake, this event packs a punch. From the get go flanked by Hyde Park to the familiar sounds of crashing waves on Bondi Beach, for the uninitiated, the 14km worth of bitumen between these two points are some of the toughest, most enjoyable you will experience. It has steep ups, even steeper downs, bands on rooftops, orange wedge wielding Hara Krishna’s, smurfs and gorillas and so on and so on.

So, how best to approach this course. That’s the million dollar question. One I continue to ponder as I debrief on my 34th finish. For the past 25years, I have been fortunate enough to have qualified for a preferred or seeded start. Prior to that Dad would drop my brothers and I at 6.30am to collect our numbers then walk down to the start line to sit and wait on the front line on a milk crate until the 10am start. I did my apprenticeship, that’s for sure. Needless to say, the start is important and the further up toward the front you can get the better. I have even gone as far as volunteering to assist with the start line management just to ensure my seeded start remains in tact.

Familiar faces from Rejoov, Hurts and other groups dominated the first few rows.

We were spared Deek banging on about Pheidippides as Monna fired the gun, then got down off the crane and proceeded to beat most of the preferred group home to Bondi. But with the countdown and the gun we were away hard and fast. And I mean fast. Straight down William Street sprinting fast as though we are racing a street mile. Hamish went out hard - maybe going for the win early on before realising his current form was not quite there. And equally as fast the first of many hills is upon us and it’s not an easy one. Legs lactic, lungs rebelling, we surge and struggle to find rhythm into the Kings Cross Tunnel where things gradually settle down a bit and we find our feet so to speak.

If you’re wondering how best to approach this course, or how to achieve the time you are after, it comes down to two main things – the training you have done and your sheer determination & grit on the day. Rushcutters downhill, Edgecliff uphill, Double Bay downhill, Rose Bay reprieve and suddenly Heartbreak beckons. Have you gone too hard to early? Will HB hill spit you out as a result? Or have you judged your run in perfectly and can get that consistent tempo required to conquer the 1500m of climbing.

This year I had a few Hurts guys around me through to HB Hill. Nick Roberts, Mikey L, Andy H, Travis   Shields & Lachlan O to name a few. My legs don’t seem to be fatiguing for the first time this year.

We now have now passed halfway struggling to get up the hill that’s not steep but it hurts after a 6km sprint into it. It gets a lot easier from here and the course will give you a negative split if you just keep going. I went through in roughly 24mins or a tad over. No KM markers out on course this year so I’m going off where I know them to be. I struggled a bit over the top of the hill for a few hundred metres but managed to bring it back thereafter. “Wonder how Hamish is tracking” as I started to struggle to spot him opening the gap further. He was pumped pre race so I am hoping he is having a good one. Be nice to catch him too was the other hope.

well done hamish - just edging out the coach this year!! 47.09 versus 47.44

well done hamish - just edging out the coach this year!! 47.09 versus 47.44

So I keep pushing and try never to give up as I know as soon as I lapse, 20 people will pass me so I push as hard as I can down Old South Head Rd and left into Military Rd. A great chance to grab some time back from those nasty climbs before yep, once again you’re climbing for the last time up to the 10km mark. Bank on somewhere around 60secs slower at this point from your fastest recent 10km. In this case it’s 55secs slower than the Sydney Harbour 10km and I’m happy with 34:40 knowing a sub 48mins is well on the table.

And with that, the last 4km feels almost achievable as you start to taste that finish line beverage. It’s not true when they say that the last 4km is all downhill. It’s not. 10km – 10.5km is still a gradual incline. From there until 13km is flat at first then a very fast downhill and this is where you can go for broke. Use whatever you have to make up time, keep up with those around you or push on from those you want to leave in your wake. For me it was trying to keep up with Andy Heydon and keep Neil Pearson at bay (for the first time in a long time). I knew Hamish was too far ahead to catch.

From 13km we raced up a slight incline into the wind before the u-turn back on ourselves, down to beach and a right hand turn to the finish line. Neil was chasing hard, I was chasing hard, we all wanted this race to be over and luckily it’s not a very long last surge across the line. All done for another year in 47.44 quickest time in 3 years and 49th male. Top 50 achieved and a better time than the last two years.

I admit, I was a bit anxious this year for the race. My last few 10kms were not great so I was banking on the new shoes to give me the lift I was after and they certainly did. Love them. Time for a quick change, some initial champagne and food at the Rejoov Runners tent where the champagned was flowing and the food replenishing. So good to hear all the Rejoov tales and PBs on display as always. Such a positive fun vibe. Well done to everyone for just getting this tough event done for another year.

rejoov gang post race in the athletes recovery area - big well done everyone!!

rejoov gang post race in the athletes recovery area - big well done everyone!!

Then off to the Allens tent beachside to debrief for the next 4 hours. I am pleased to report that the whole Hurts squad didn’t disappoint. All in fine form as I recounted my City to Surf Stats – 34 done, 33 in a row, 25 sub 50min times in a row. (Actually I just discovered that streak is sub 49mins).

hurt squad kicking back at the allens tent on bondi beach - thanks tom highnam

hurt squad kicking back at the allens tent on bondi beach - thanks tom highnam

Then onto the Bondi Hotel for more beers & banter before my last stop at the Bronte Surf club where I caught up again with Gret (who ran a solid 56mins yesterday). Then finally home to our neglected 7yr old Jaden. 

rejoov after party at the bronte surf club

rejoov after party at the bronte surf club

After 34 years of running the City to Surf, I’m still very please to report that I see it as just as iconic as my very first in 1983. The atmosphere is fantastic from the pre race, race itself to the after parties. Not going to say I can’t wait for next year. The City to Surf can happily take it’s time rolling around in 2020 for the 50th anniversary.


Sydney Harbour 10km by Gus Rutherford

Sydney Harbour 10km & 5km – flat and fast

by Gus Rutherford

Gus Rutherford debut Sydney Harbour 10k

Gus Rutherford debut Sydney Harbour 10k

A flat and fast course, the Sydney Harbour is a solid test heading into the City 2 Surf (C2S) and a great chance to PR.

On Sunday we struck it lucky with a cool, dry, sunny and still day which meant it was going to be fast.

The 5km attracts a smaller field, and with faster runners typically entering the 10km, it’s a great chance to get an ego boost and a PR.

While a flat 5km is really only going to be a speed tune up for the C2S, there is something to be said for logging a quick time and feeling good. It can be all mental right?

The fivers were finishing before the 10km start which was great to get a feel for the vibe and the course. From the look of things, plenty of Rejoovers nailed the shorter course.

Sam Cornell 5k in 18mins 10th overall and 3rd in 20-29 age group

Sam Cornell 5k in 18mins 10th overall and 3rd in 20-29 age group

I entered the 10km and the plan was to use it as a lead in race to the C2S.

I’d run the E.S Marks 5km time trial a couple of weeks before and a 10km seemed like a logical stepping stone. I also hadn’t run a 10km race so I thought it could be fun to bank a guaranteed PR.

The main focus of training has been increasing speed and my capability on the hills, so this was a chance to test the speed component. The aim was roughly between 38-39 minutes.

Hamish McMaster snuck me a preferred start and that definitely got me going fast off the gun. Up the front with some quick guys and gals, I went out too hard at 3:25/km for 1km and 3:35/km for another 1km after that.

“Bugger, might be going too fast….”

Slowing it down out of necessity, I got into a rhythm of around 3:45/km for the next 3km and began to see a steady flow of more sensible runners go past.

At the 5km, I felt thankful to be halfway and was pretty pleased to see a time of about 18:35.

But now the key was hanging in there. A 4:09 km heading up the only small hill on the course near Pyrmont Bridge let a bit of doubt creep in, though a downhill let me get my breath back and a 3:45 or so.

Typically though the Garmin will go haywire somewhere on a city course, and when the watch read 2:55 for the 8th km (my watch mixed up with Kipchoge’s?), it was going to be down to feel only for the last 2km.

So I just ran as best as I could with a 3:49 and 3:45 and started to pick up a few places, and plenty of encouragement from Reidy on the mic got me home.

Gus sprinting for home with Reidy shouting out on the mic!

Gus sprinting for home with Reidy shouting out on the mic!

My net time was 37:49 for 138/1617 overall, 125/1172 for the men’s and 54/454 for the 30-39 men’s.

Stoke level? Pretty good. It was faster than I had planned. The race plan/execution was a bit floored, but there was plenty of Rejoov encouragement out on the course to ensure I didn’t fully blow up.

If I look back to 12 months ago, I’m definitely better placed for C2S. Keeping up a better aerobic base with a few more, slower km’s has really helped, and focusing more on speed and hills at Rejoov has meant that my times and climbing ability have improved. Pushing harder on intervals and not being “scared” of inclines seems to be the key.

Back to the Sydney Harbour though, it is a great course and vibe, and with the right weather, a great opportunity for a PR. Well done to all Rejoovers on the day – there were stacks of PR’s and solid runs, and as always, great team spirit. [Full results via this link: ]

Sunny group shot before the race start.

Sunny group shot before the race start.

A specific shout out to my good mate Hamish McMaster who smashed out just over 33min (Hamish couldn’t even run XC at school due to buggered hips, so yes I guess I used to beat him), Chris Strom and Johnny McCormack for some in race encouragement and post-race analysis, Jamie Broom who got me by a few seconds, Sam Cornell for a big cheer near the finish and coach Gee obviously.

Left to Right: Neil PB, Bipro PB, Harriet PB, Jamie PB, Malcolm PB, Johnny PB, Dave D, Hamish PB, G, Gus PB

Left to Right: Neil PB, Bipro PB, Harriet PB, Jamie PB, Malcolm PB, Johnny PB, Dave D, Hamish PB, G, Gus PB

A few other things about the Sydney Harbour 5 & 10km:

· With only a couple of thousand participants, you can avoid the stressful hustle of a bigger event – great for toilets

· It’s easy to get to – the race hub is located at the Overseas Passenger Terminal in Circular Quay

· It’s logistically easy. The start and finish are at the same location, meaning there’s little hassle managing your kit. We just stashed some gear on the wharf

· You can do your warm-up/strides on the Quay then quickly make your way up to the start.

Sydney Opera house sunrise on race morning

Sydney Opera house sunrise on race morning

2018-19 running festival results

Sydney Harbour 10k 2019 a brilliant morning, everyone in high spirits for the pre-race warm up and team photo, big congrats everyone. Fantastic results including 23 pbs & 45 gutsy runs. We know that not every run can be a pb, but the main thing is that we’re all out there racing and soaking it up together!!
John Bartlett 31.34 8th overall (1st 40-49AG) PB 
Hamish McMaster 33.04 25th overall massive Pb by over 90secs 
Andy Heyden 33.24 30th overall (9th 40-49AG) 
Chris Truscott 33.46 37th overall (11th AG) 
Josh Arthur 34.26 (47th overall) 
Chris Strom 36.06 
Chris Cordwell 36.21 
Johnny MacCormack 36.21 post baby PB (as Monica Fitzpatrick) 
Shane Price 37.18 
Jamie Broom 37.44 PB 
Gus Rutherford 37.49 debut 10k PB 
Pete Truscott 38.31 
Greta Truscott 39.03 17th female (6th 40-49AG) 
Bipro Das 40.44 50sec Pb 
Mal Peacock 40.52 PB 
Neil Rosenbaum 40.55 Pb 
Harriet Beavis 40.57 (10th 20-29 Ag) Pb 
Anna White 41.37
Denise 42.16 (as Louise Chisholm) 
Dave Dickie 42.45 
Nicola Silsby 43.43 
Max Austin 44.23
Craig Lee 44.33
Sammie Feeley 45.18 
Megan Doyle 45.28 a 5min PB 
Zac Smith 45.48 
Jenni Dodd 46.45 Pb 
Monica Clarke 47.05 3min PB 
Graham Knox 47.55 Pb 
Jacob Mueller 12yrs old 48.20 (9th in 12-15AG) Pb 
Susan49.35 (15th 50-59AG) course Pb 
Liz Levick 49.56 Pb 
Sophie Butcher 49.58 3min Pb 
Raoul Plimer (as Cathie Sherrington) 50mins Pb 
Sarah Collins 50.08 Pb
Jenna Wald 50.21 big 3min Pb 
Michael Martin 50.57 
Flavia Caspary 52.35 Pb 
Laura Mc Dermott 54.09 
Cathy Rowney 56yrs 53.33 Pb 
Janine Tennille 57.54 Pb 

Sydney Harbour 5k 2019
Sam Cornell 18.15 10th overall (3rd 20-29AG) 
Josh Kolo 20.52 (8th AG) 
Michaela Balejova 28.43
Anne-maree O’Mara coming back from injury 
Emma Trehy guiding achilles club runner

sydney harbour 10k 2019 action shots

sydney harbour 10k 2019 action shots

sydney harbour 10k 2019 action shots

sydney harbour 10k 2019 action shots

Such a sunny morning, the photographer was blinded by the sun!! awesome pre-race catch up and warm up!

Such a sunny morning, the photographer was blinded by the sun!! awesome pre-race catch up and warm up!

Gold Coast festival July 2019:

Harriet Beavis 1.31.11 PB 
Steve Mardlin 1.31.35 Pb 
Dave Dickie 94.43 PB 
Lisa Sherman 94.51 Pb 
Sophie Smith 1.47.07 >3min Pb (prem babies) 
G 88.36 
John Bartlett 68.38 pb (ANSW) 35th male, 1st 40-44AG 
Tom Highnam 71.23 (ANSW) 48th male, 2nd 45-49AG 
Emma Starritt 1.45.37
Stu Cassie 1.54.03 (prem babies) 
Nadine 1.47.15
Nicola 1.37.37
Sammie 1.41.01
Monica F 1.57.56 with hubby 

Enda Stankard qualifies for Boston 2.54.31
John Clothier 3.01.54
Gaz Beddoes 3.57.48 2nd ever Marathon 
and Rosy (cheer squad)  
Deb Ford 3.54.19
Lucas Meaney 3.52.09
Cathy mara 5hrs 45secs 55-59 AG 
Jess BW 4.29.36

10k (very windy on the Sat!!) 
Chris 10k 34.57 3rd 40-44 AG 
Pete 10k 46.51 
Charlene Cassie 10k 60.18 (prem babies) 

Kids 4k 
Kieren Truscott 9yrs old 20mins

Congrats lucas deb and jess on their GC marathons

Congrats lucas deb and jess on their GC marathons

Harriet Dave and lisa all with pbs well done!!

Harriet Dave and lisa all with pbs well done!!

Enda stankard 2.54 and john clother 3.01 marathons well done boyz - coached online by CT

Enda stankard 2.54 and john clother 3.01 marathons well done boyz - coached online by CT

Gold Coast 2019 after party at the South Port Surf Lifesaving club - always fun letting the hair down post race

Gold Coast 2019 after party at the South Port Surf Lifesaving club - always fun letting the hair down post race

SMH Half Marathon May 2019 Congratulations rejoovers & @runningforprems supporters in the @smhhalfmarathon . Thanks for rejoov camaraderie and thanks for supporting Premmie babies, they raised hundreds of thousands for life saving hospital equipment. We had sunny conditions & a BIG team pic before the race. We enjoyed the prem babies after party in Coogee where new dad Hamish McMaster won the Premmie babies trophy 🏆 and a $250 gift voucher for the @runnersshoprandwick in 75.19 15th male and @runnerchristruscott was runner up. Congrats to mum Amy O’Halloran winning the prem babies 🏆 women’s in 86.32 11th female, with runner up @greta_truscott . The kids had fun running round the lawns of the after party at the Coogee Beach Club.
Thanks so much everyone for your generous donations 🙏🏼
Results not in any order.. 
Josh Arthur 78.14 
Jamie Broom 87.36 a 3min Pb 
Gus Rutherford 87.08
Hamish McMaster 15th male 75.19 Pb 
Tom Highnam 14th male 74.43 
Toby Hedgeland 77.50 
John Bartlett 4th male 70.46 
Gidon Edinburg 79.25
John Clothier 86 
Rob Wilson 89.56 
Anthony Biggs 84 
Jo Purcell 1.49.06
Louise Chisholm 1.43 
Anna Honey 1.53
Leo Cooper 1.45.22 debut smashed target 
Lesley Mason with clients 
Neil Rosenbaum 96.26
Nicolas Roth 85.44 Pb 
Megan Doyle 1.43.50 a 5min Pb 
Steve Mardlin 93.34 after climbing mt Everest base camp 
Dave Cross 1.42.27
Matt Palmer 94mins a 16min Pb from last year 
Cathy Rowney 2.10 going easier after uta 22 on Friday 
Flavia 2.00.51
Emily Bassett 1.46.35
Liz Levick 1.56.29
Sarah Bembrink 1.41 
Rachael Honeywood 1.41 
Darren MacGregor with Sarah & Rach 
Matt Wacher with Sarah & Rach 
Kathryn Volk 1.46.48 Pb 
Jo Hadley 1.42.02 
Jane Aungles 1.48
Tess Aungles 1.38
Chris 76.52
Greta 90.49
Lex van santen 1.47.30 Pb 
Alley Miller 1.40.05 
Lauren Tischendorf 1.48.24
Richard Bilton 2.02.49
Bipro Das 97.46 Pb 
Dave Hazelwood 1.32.15
Mary Stringer 1.37.44 
Linda Boland 2.22 Pb 
Emma Page 2.21.07 post London mara
Gareth Beddoes 1.40.33 Pb 
Josie Savill 1.44.03
Mitch Martin-Weber 2.13.34

Orla & Tessa 2.07 delighted 
Lisa (10k Pb 43mins) & Grant 94mins 15th team out of 400 teams 
Emma & Michael 1.55 relay Pb 
Nicole & Alice 1.46 had a ball

Smh half group 2019.jpg
Running for premmie babies supporters before the race start

Running for premmie babies supporters before the race start

Smh half hurts rejoov 2019.jpg
congrats hamish winning the premmie babies trophy for fastest male 75.19, 15th male in the race. chris truscott still has the record 74.56 in 2018

congrats hamish winning the premmie babies trophy for fastest male 75.19, 15th male in the race. chris truscott still has the record 74.56 in 2018

Congratulations everyone 👏🏻👏🏻

- Zac Smith thrilled and well deserved 14.37 Pb by over 4hrs from last year! Big shout out to support crew Sammie. These 2 “Zammie” met through rejoov so are our first rejoov love birds. 
- Sam Cornell debut 16.56 strong minded but foot had other ideas, hung in there to finish and getting x-ray 

-Jess Baird Walsh 7.25 very happy  
-Denise Meuldiijk 6.40 very happy 
-Dave Stewart had to withdraw at 28k with debilitating quad/adductor cramps, recover well 
-Mal Peacock 6.48 happy in one piece 
-Aiofi Suttle 8.21 happy to finish on limited prep
-Bonnie Perris 7.14 happy with debut 

22: (all debuts!!)
- Susan 3.06.05
-Cathy Rowney 3.23.26
-Nadine 2.56.10 
-Polina 3.05.10
-Jacqui Fox 3.56
-Anne 3.35 2nd in 60yrs AG 
-Emma Starritt 2.55
-Jakub Mlynarczyk top 20 males 

Special thanks to Dave Stewart supporting and gear checking, Nadine Aronheim volunteering all day Saturday after her race, Jakub Młynarczyk for support and updates and Gus making a special trip up Sat before his own smh race.

Aoife, Dave and Zac

Aoife, Dave and Zac

Jacqui and anne in the 22k UTA. Congrats anne cumming 2nd in her age group

Jacqui and anne in the 22k UTA. Congrats anne cumming 2nd in her age group

UTA Susan Polina Nads Cathy 2019.jpg

Sydney 10: May the Forth 2019 was with the orange army, congrats on all runs and many pbs!! Kickstarting our Winter campaign, keep on cracking team: 

John Bartlett 31.35 he’s back

Tom Highnam 32.29 fastest time in 3yrs

CT 33.09 great tussle with Brendan Davis

Dom Bullock 33.44 Pb

Ben Streickeison 35.03

Gidon Edinburg 35.09 Pb

Josh Arthur 35.20 backing up after ANZAC Challenge 40k 6 days ago

Sam Cornell 35.44 5k & 10k Pb

Johnny Mac 36.21 Pb

Hamish Mountford 36.30

Travis Shields 36.34

Anthony Biggs 36.40

Renaud Herrington 37.05

John Clothier 37.37

Jamie Broome 38.36 BIG Pb

Greta 39.00

Jakub 39.23

Nicolas Roth 39.34

Rosy Cooper 39.49 2nd time sub 40mins

Zac Smith 40.06 Pb by 4mins

Rachel Kay 40.05 Pb

Rob Kolbe 40.19 with injury well done

Adam Ballesty 41.22

Neil Rosenbaum 41.49 Pb

Bipro Das 41.34 Pb

Dave Dickie 42.05 1.08min Pb

Jenny Doak 42.25

Hayley Kain 43.05

Rachael Honeywood 43.19

Nicola Silsby 43.10 Pb first time sub 45mins

Paul Birch 44.15

Sarah Bembrick 44.43 Pb

Lex van santen 47.24 19th in 55 AG

Jo Purcell 48.18 14th in 50 AG

Susan McCallum 48.49 >1min Pb 5th in 55 AG

Jenni Dodd 50.01

Alice Kellehear 52.32

Sophie Butcher 52.34

Cathy Rowney 53.37 Happy Bday Pb

Flavia Caspary 53.16

Emma Trehy 55.09

Claire McCabe 55.09

Arianne Verhagen 57.08

Janine Tenille 58.07

Orla Cunningham 62.40

Leanne LaPorte 63.53

Awesome gang at Sydney 10k!!

Awesome gang at Sydney 10k!!

Sunny conditions & smiles at Canberra @austrunningfest 2019! Shout out to @johnamccormack on his marathon Pb, Jess @sothenwedidthis half marathon Pb & @zacwah 10k Pb, @d._bullock on his 2.40 debut & lots more results!! Big year ahead.

Canberra half Nicolas Roth 1.27.56 Pb, Strommie 90min pacer, Dave Dickie 1.34.51, Rach Honeywood 1.36.56, Jess Baird Walsh 1.43.18 PB, Binksie 1.44.07, Lex 4min Pb 1.47 Pb, Megan Doyle 1.48.34 Pb, Melissa 2.02, Kim T 1.58. Canberra marathon Dom Bullock 2.40.20 debut Pb, Gary Newfield 3.01.23, Johnny 3.12.04 Pb, Chris Robinson 3.26 Pb, Lesley Mason 4.51.35, Nick Zuzic 5.35.20, Fran pacer 5.30. Canberra 10k Zac 44.11 Pb, Sammie 44.11, Kathryn Volk 51.33.

Well done everyone in Canberra. Great conditions this year!

Well done everyone in Canberra. Great conditions this year!

Boston Marathon: Darren MacGregor 3.04.33 Pb, Maya Borthwick 3.08.18 pb, Ayesha Makim 3.26.49 close to a Pb, Jo Hadley 53yrs old 3.48.53, Juny Xi Yang 3.22.20

Read Ayesha’s fabulous blog here:

Ayesha equaling her PB in Boston 3.26 congrats!!

Ayesha equaling her PB in Boston 3.26 congrats!!

London Marathon Mark Higgs 2.38.04 PB, Emma Page 4.44 PB by 24mins

Blackmores Sydney running festival: Thanks Becky Farrell & Athletics Australia for supporting Rejoov in the lead up & a few fabulous interviews  
Blackmores 10k 
- Greta 38.42 11th female, 3rd 40-44 AG 
- Johnny Mac 37.51 49th male 13th 30-39AG 
- Jesse Hanna 39.08 
- Elle Goldrick 39.08 16th female, 4th in 30-39 AG
- Anna White 39.11 17th female, 5th 30-39 AG 
- Grant Sherman 10k 43.11 on the come back train  
- Josh Kolo 44.12
- Sarah Binks 10k 44.59
- Lisa Kent Sherman 10k 45.13mins 2min Pb stoked after rehab from a stress fracture 
- Michael Martin 10k 49.58 PB 
- Jana Darulová 53.15
- Lizzie Ayles 53.06
- Emma Trehy guided in the 10k with Achilles runner Zhila totally blind how amazing! 
- Lizzie Ayles 53.06
- Claire Mccabe 53.51
- Tanya Dayman 10k 56.36 debut 
- Peter Dayman 10k 55.57 debut 
- Desie Joannides 1.01.45
- Fiona McDonald 62.13
- Grace Cannavo 62.13 together with Mum 
- Robin Ball 63.27

Half marathon: 
- Tom Highnam 74.22mins 11th male, 1st 45-49 AG he’s back! 
- Bruce Lambert 76.33 22nd male, 2nd 45-49AG 
- Jeet Aich 78.26 28th male, 2nd 40-44 AG
- Gus Rutherford Half 86.11 7min Pb…/a.4373161443…/10156863614224301/…
- Bron Armytage 89.54mins 21st female, 5th in 35-39 AG, 4min Pb 
- Tas Armytage 1.31.52 6min Pb 
- Sammie Feeley 93.34min 45th female, 5th in 25-29 AG 10min PB ‬…/a.4373161443…/10156882923234301/…
- Terrence Teixeira 1.34.22
- Zac Smith 96.16mins 2min Pb…/a.4373161443…/10156888372679301/…
- Jo Jo Hadley 1.43.39 6th in 50-54 AG 
- Katharine Welsh 1.47.27
- Matt Aish 1.49.25 debut
- Susan Janetp 1.52.50 15th in 55-59AG 10min Pb 
- Sarah Collins 1.53.26 11min Pb wow 
- Joanne Zimerman 1.53.43 
- Diala Barsoum 2.00.59
- Georgina Walker 2.02.02 4min PB 
- Yasmin Schmidler 2.04.38
- Steven Garamy 2.04.44
- Linda Boland 2.07.28
- Chris Groves 2.10 preparing for Queenstown marathon 
- Hana Natour 2.24.55 debut 
- Yin Soon 2.34.55 debut 

- Andy Heyden 2.43.05 26th male, 7th in 40-44 AG, silver Aussie champs medal, Guinness book world record running in a monk outfit!  
- Eoin Reville 2.43.21, 27th male, 2nd in 35-39 AG
- Dave Hurdle 2.48.36 2min Pb, 45th male, 16th 30-34AG 
- Chris Truscott official 4min pacer 2.48.44 nailed it, 45th male, 11th in 40-44 AG 
- Rob Wilson 2.49.40 nearly 3min PB 
- Neil Rosenbaum 3.29.55 
- Kim Thuijs debut 3.47.30
- Carly Landsberry 3.57.47 debut 
- Aoife Yofi 4.01.28
- Nadine Aronheim 4.16.14
- Cathy Rowney 4.34.23 11min Pb ‬well done!…/a.4373161443…/10156906253309301/…
- Lex van Santen debut 4.49.43 quite a journey to get there, made extra special achievent, thanks buddy Jo for running the last part with Lex after finishing her half marathon 
- Plus we had a few support the event doing part of the marathon as their long run which was great: Darren M, Adam B, Chris S, Hayley & Rach

Lex Van Santen Blackmores marathon debut - extra painful and extra special. A great man!

Lex Van Santen Blackmores marathon debut - extra painful and extra special. A great man!

Berlin marathon: 
- Orla Ní Chuinneagáin 4.41 debut very happy, best birthday celebration 
- Louisa Nocera 4:53 amazing to share the day with Orla and Emma
- Emma Page Loved it! Was great to be at the start with Louisa and Orla. 2nd mara, 38 min pb, super happy. 5.08 

Orla, Emma and Louisa - congrats ladies!! Berlin Marathon!

Orla, Emma and Louisa - congrats ladies!! Berlin Marathon!

26/8/18 RUN NSW / ANSW Sydney Half. Big PBs & great Rejoov spirit out there:

Mark Higgs 73.18 PB 5th male blitzed it! 
Jack Maxwell 73.44 11min PB holy moly!! 7th male
Andy Heyden 74.20 10th male training run
Jerome Dupuy 74.29 PB 12th male, smashed the 75mins for the first time so awesome! 
Chris Strom happy with another sub 80mins in 79.07
Eoin Reville 79.22 80min pacer
Ash Ruane 1.32.02 8th female top ten brilliant! 
Emma Trehy another sub 2hr half 1.59 go Em! 

& RUN NSW Greater Bank Fun Run 7k:
Anna White 26.03 1st female that’s gold! 
Claire McCabe 36.44 18th female
Desie Dazzler 37:48 - 23rd Female

Jack and Mark HUGE PBS biggest congrats to you and all the gang. This moment sums it all up!

Jack and Mark HUGE PBS biggest congrats to you and all the gang. This moment sums it all up!

C2S results record turn out, over 90 runners from Rejoov!! Rejoov club (including group, online & answ affiliated runners). Men & women right up into their 60s, kids as young as 8yrs old, all variety of goals, some fighting fit & others coming back 💪🏻, many pBs, everyone well done 🙌🏼. Thank you sponsors Himanshu Dua ICG (Internal Consulting Group), David Hazlewood Knightswood Financial, Playwright, Hoka One One, Tailwind Nutrition. 
In order of finishing time: 
Andy Heyden 47.44 38th male 5th in AG
Chris Truscott 48.01 50th male 6th in AG 24th consecutive c2s under 50mins  
Hamish McMaster 48.25 PB 58th male keeps getting quicker every year.
Mark Higgs this year coached by CT now has 5k, 10k, half & now c2s PBs 48.46 PB
Toby Hedgeland 48.53
Jerome Dupuy 49.09 PB
Bruce lambert 49.45 sensational come back post injury this year! 
Jack Maxwell 49.49 PB
Dave Hurdle 50.06 debut
Maxime DuPont 50.51
John Bartlett 51.26 coming back from injury he came 8th in 44mins last year we’re happy to see Barts getting back into it  
Eoin Reville 51.26
Rob Wilson 51.34 PB
Anthony Biggs 52.02 PB
Barry Proctor 52.13 PB
Ben Feld 52.29 debut (5th in 50-59 AG) 
Hamish Mountford 53.24
Anna White 53.29 brilliant run 20th female, 6th in AG
Johnny Mac 53.33 2min PB
Dave Wenham 54.33 PB dark horse beating his mate Gus today! 
Tom Highnam 54.47 coming back from injury
Enda Stankard 54.59
Peter Truscott 55.38
Emma Alcock 56.16 PB 40th female
Gus Rutherford 56.22 PB
Matt Wacher 56.31 coming back post injury
David Hazlewood Knightswood Financial sponsor time 56 PB
Jakub Młynarczyk 56.52 PB
Renee Gibbs 57.04 PB 53rd female
Darren Mac 57.54
Jesse Hanna 58.16 PB
Georgie Alcock 58.17
Neil Rosenbaum 59.31 PB
Olivia Johnson 59.47 PB
Rach Kay 60.05 PB
Bronwyn Armytage 1.00.29 PB
Chris Strom 1.00.29 pacing Bron
Floriana Dua 1.00.38 PB
Himanshu Dua pacing Floriana
Ash Ruane 61.29
Terrence Teixeira 61.48 debut
Yaron Taub 17yrs old 62mins PB

Sammie Feeley 1.02.25 PB
Jo Mawson 62.27 PB
Hayley Kain 62.30 as part of a long run
Jamie Broom 1.02.33 PB
Sarah Bembrick 63.22
Zac Smith 63.36 3min PB
Paul Birch 63.54
Nicola Silsby 65.00 PB
Kim Thuijs 1.05.39 PB
Dave Dickie 1.05.41
Aoife Suttle 67.45 2min PB
Katharine Welsh 67.57
Dave Stewart 68.17
Ricky Studencki 68.40 6min PB
Beth Stewart 69.02
Sarah Collins 69.17 8min PB
Deb Ford 69.40 PB
Rach Honeywood 69.55 as part of long run training for Chicago marathon
Lucas Meaney 71.40
Emily Bassett 72.15
Belle Green 72.39
Matt Aish 1.12.44 debut
Lex van senten 73.16
Susan Janetp 73.39 2min PB

Lauren Garnett 74mins
Nadine Aronheim 75.27
Darren Bagnall 76.39
Cathy Rowney 76.53 5min PB
Samara Davie 1.17.19 5min PB
Polina Tan 78.47
Matt Studencki 78.48
Lisa Studencki 79.01
Clare Mccabe 79.38
Becca Aaby 80.19
Tanya Dayman 1.20.46 debut
Orla Cunningham 1.23.21 ten min PB
Jacqui Fox 1.24.04
Hana Natour 1.25.24 PB
Linda Boland 86.15
Emma Page 86 4min PB
Maddy Mitchell 86mins
Desie Joannides 1.26.25
Caieta Smith 1.26.46 debut
Fiona Robertson 1.27.16
Anne-maree O'Mara 1.27.21
Lesley Mason 1.27.57 post-injury
Claire Cregan & daughter Ruby 8 yrs 1.31.53
Wendy Cheng 1.32.14 post-injury
Jasmine Larke 9yrs 93.52 3rd c2s PB
Holly Derbyshire 1.34.18 recovering from injury
Mitch Martin-Weber 1.34.40
Mia Warren 15yrs 1.41.21

Champagne celebrations at rejoov tent c2s 2018

Champagne celebrations at rejoov tent c2s 2018

a big thanks to our sponsors himanshu Dua - ICG, david hazlewood - knghtswood financial, payright, hoka one one, tailwind nutrition.

a big thanks to our sponsors himanshu Dua - ICG, david hazlewood - knghtswood financial, payright, hoka one one, tailwind nutrition.

c2s after party - hilarious fun, thanks team, you guys rock!

c2s after party - hilarious fun, thanks team, you guys rock!


29/7/18 Sydney Harbour 5k/10k: 

Jenny Doak winner 5k 19.51

Maxime DuPont 5th in 5k 16.37

Chris Truscott 33.43, 28th male & 3rd in 40-49 AG

Hamish McMaster 34.45 34th male debut / PB 

Brendan Hunt 36.34 

Eoin Reville 37.15

Ben Feld 4th in 50-59 AG debut / PB 37.28 which got him into preferred start for c2s yay

Anna White 38.12 14th female, 4th in AG

Jakub Młynarczyk 39.15 PB

Matt Wacher 40.23

Pete Truscott 40.28

Jesse Hanna 40.45

Renee Gibbs 33rd female 41.20 PB

Neil Rosenbaum 42.13

Jamie Broom 42.59 PB by over 1.5mins 

Bronwyn Armytage 43.03 PB

Chris Strom 43.04 pacing Bron & Sammie

Daniel de zilva 43.04 pacing girls with Strommie

Sammie Feeley 43.47 PB 

Jo Mawson 43.52

Jade Hunt 44.15 PB

Sarah Collins 50.12 PB 

Susan Janetp 50.12 PB 

Michael Martin 50.49 PB 

Nadine Aronheim 51.46

Matt Aish 51.59

Cathie Sherrington 54.13

Anne-maree O'Mara 55.12

Lisa Studencki 55.14

Matt Studencki 55.29

Cathy Rowney 56.04

Pam Beigel 56.36 PB by a few mins

Clare Mccabe 56.29

Tania Farmer 60.02

Fiona McDonald (pacing by daughter Grace) 63.42 PB

Sydney harbour 10k 29/7/18 before the race start - what a good looking gang!

Sydney harbour 10k 29/7/18 before the race start - what a good looking gang!


Outback Ayres rock marathon - rocking the rock:  

Lisa Charles marathon & Emma Page half marathon - pics looked amazing!! Well done ladies

Congrats Lisa Charles on 3rd marathon this year!! (Canberra, UTA 50k & now Outback Marathon)

Congrats Lisa Charles on 3rd marathon this year!! (Canberra, UTA 50k & now Outback Marathon)


Run melb half: 

Emma Trehy 2.02 great run especially when sick, had a ball with Orla plus lunch together  

Orla Ní Chuinneagáin 2.05.45 big PB & ultimate time achieved. Awesome prep leading up to Berlin marathon 

Georgina Walker 2.06 debut, now what else will she set her sights on

M7 half: Steve Garamy & Park run PB the weekend double 


7/7/18 Rafferties Coastal Run

Rejoovers enjoyed our debuts at #raffertyscoastalrun 12/22/36k at Lake Macquarie. Coaches Chris Truscott 1st in record time & Greta 4th female, 2nd in AG & in the 22k. Andy Reid had super human energy backing up with the 36k just 6 days post GC marathon. Well done Hayley & Marcus Kain hubby & wife 12k, Leanne Hutchison 22k her 2nd equal longest trail event after UTA 22k, Aoife & Connor another hubby wife 22k, Katharine Welsh 36k (on track for surf coast century), new gran Lisa Mintz 36k & Steve Garamy getting his 6 foot qualifier. #trailrunning #hokaoneone #tailwindaustralia#runners #beyourbest #funtimes #rejoovrunners 

Andy Reid is officially stuffed post race! 36km Rafferties Coastal Run July 2018

Andy Reid is officially stuffed post race! 36km Rafferties Coastal Run July 2018

Rafferties Coastal Run 2018

Rafferties Coastal Run 2018


Portland, Oregan, U.S. 4th July Independence Day half marathon 2018

John McCormack 2min PB in 1.24.22 at 3.39min/km pace woohoo congrats JMac. 

John PB 84.22 & Becca & baby Matilda McCormack

John PB 84.22 & Becca & baby Matilda McCormack


Gold Coast Marathon 1st July 2018:  

Juny Xi Yang 3.18.31 PB by 20mins (last GC pb 2yrs ago) 

Olivia Johnson 3.23 post baby pb 

Sammie Feeley 4.02.56 had been fighting off a bugs since flight home from Boston JP Morgan Corporate Challenge (team 3rd btw) 

Jessica McDonagh 5.15

Adam Ballesty was on for a PB but hit the wall very bad at 40k mark, plans to re-group for New York

Gold Coast Half marathon: 

Mark Higgs 75.27 PB 

Eoin Reville 77.54

Jerome Dupuy 78.20 

Anthony Biggs 79.48 PB first time sub 80mins

Chris Strom 80.56 

Jeet Aich 84.31 

Rachel Kay  92.19 PB by over a minute 

Neil Rosenbaum 1.32.47 

Melanie Truscott 94.37 

Ash Ruane 96.11   

Jo Hadley 1.37.33 PB by 2mins  

Emma Starritt 1.41.32 big PB from last year’s 1.45.18 by nearly 4mins 

Tammy Reeves 1.56.55 achieved sub 2 goal woohoo 

Louisa Nocera 1.59.20 well done and on track for Berlin marathon

Pia Gilmour training run with friend Bree 2.03.24

Emma Page 2.09.24

Janine Tennille 2.15.46

Gold Coast 10k: 

Pete Truscott 38.26 and son in the 4k Kieren 8yrs 20.54

Mary Stringer 42.54 won over 60s AG 

Paul Birch 44mins 

Tammy Reeves 51.56 

Desie Joannides 56.47 over 55 AG

Greg Puttick 1.01 over 60 AG

Juny Xi Yang on her way to a 3.18.31 marathon PB

Juny Xi Yang on her way to a 3.18.31 marathon PB

Bay to Bay half marathon June 2018

Ciaran Doherty 1.33.16 nearly 2 mins quicker than smh half pb recently (3 half marathons in 2 months and now 11mins quicker!) Keep it rolling!! 

Rejoov Runners' 2nd year in attendance at the Athletics NSW Miranda 4 x 4k relays:

1st place men’s 35+ Jerome Dupuy, Eoin Reville, Tom Highnam, CT

16th - men’s open Jack Maxwell, Rob Wilson, Dan de Silva, Chris Strom

23rd - men’s open Jesse Hanna, John McCormack, Matt Wacher, Neil Rosenbaum

5th & very close to 4th - open women's Anna White, Eleanor Goldrick, Bronwyn Armytage, Aisling Ruane 

6th 35+ women's team Abby Hewitt, Emma Trehy, Lesley Mason, Fran Boorer

5th 45+ women's team Niki Hale, Cathie Sherrington, Susan McCallum, Jo Hadley

2nd 55+ women's team Mary Stringer, Jacqui Fox, Robin Ball, Cathy Rowney

Miranda relays 35+ team win.jpg


SMH Half Marathon 20th May 2018

Coach Chris Truscott 74.56 3rd in 40-49 AG (& running for prem babies trophy winner)

Chris’ online runners:

Jerome Dupuy 77.02 PB 

Mark Higgs 77.56 PB

Anthony Biggs 84.05

Chris Strom pacing Elle Goldrick 89.16

Jack Maxwell pacing a friend 1.48.48

Juny Xi Yang 1.31.59 4min PB 

Olivia Johnson 1.33.27

Neil Rosenbaum 1.34.30

Ciaran Doherty 1.34.55 PB

Mary Stringer 1.36.03 1st 60-69yr AG 

Floriana Dua 1.36.49 3min PB paced by hubby Munch Dua, our fabulous ICG sponsors 

Jamie Broom 98.05 2nd fastest ever time

Dave Cross 1.38.55 

Dave Dickie 1.39.39  

Jo Hadley 1.39.51 5th in 50-59 AG PB

Sammie Feeley 1.43.26 9min PB 

Katharine Welsh 1.46.19 2nd fastest time ever 

Carly Landsberry 1.52 

Emily Basset 1.56.36 

Samara Davie 1.59.19 5min PB

Cathy Rowney 1.59.58 50-59 AG

Lisa Studencki 2.00.06 50-59 AG 

Cathie Sherrington 50-59 AG 2.01.19

Jessica McDonagh 2.05.49 5min PB

Linda Boland 2.05.56 50-59 AG 

Desie Joannides 2.07.15 50-59AG 

Louisa Nocera 2.10.02

Pam Beigl 2.10.40

Orla Cunningham 2.13.13 2min PB 

Tania Farmer 2.13.14 

Rachel MacKellar 2.19.46 debut 

Fiona McDonald 2.20.43

Greg Puttick 2.29.39 60-69AG 

Beck RFPB 

Gemma RFPB

Smh relay: 

Johnny & Becca 1.42.32 hubby wife team McCormack

Emma & Michael 1.55.49 hubby wife Trehy-Martin 

Anne-maree & mum 2.14 dghtr mum O’Mara

Great Ocean Road (GOR): 

Lisa Sherman 60k debut 11th female, 3rd in 40-44 AG 5.41.21 

Lesley Mason 44km 5.24.48 7th marathon

Ultra Trail Australia - Blue Mountains (UTA) 50k:

Lisa Charles 8.26 thrilled with debut 

Fran Boorer 8.00 6 foot qualifier 

Lisa Mintz 9hrs another ultra under wraps 

Jo Zimerman 8.19 5th ever ultra

UTA 22k

Steve Garamy enjoyed debut 3.30

UTA 100k

Zac Smith 19.21 aka trail running beard man, congrats on debut & belt buckle

Jakub Bay to Breakers 12k, San Fran Sun 20th May what an experience! 

Aoife Suttle sprint tri & Emma Page Olympic distance  Port Stevens triathlons


Sydney 10k May 2018 at Homebush: Such an exciting morning at the Sydney 10k and seeing all the sprint finishes on the track last 350m! See all pics on our Rejoov Runners Facebook page. 

Results including our ANSW runners: 
Andy Heyden 32.36 Pb (first time sub 33. 2nd in 40-44 AG, 33rd male overall) 
CT 32.56 (5th in 40-44 AG) 
Mark Higgs 33.35 2.5min PB
Jerome Dupuy 33.58 PB (7th 35-39 AG) 
Jack Maxwell 34.05 PB
Eoin Reville 34.15 PB (8th 35-39 AG) 
Chris Strom 34.42 PB
Jeet Aich 35.02 2nd fastest time ever (8th in 40-44 AG) 
Dan de Zilva 35.29 PB
Rob Wilson 35.31 PB
Anthony Biggs 36.03
Hamish Mountford 36.42
Johnny McCormack 37.28 PB
Cathy Liu 37.39 38sec PB (18th female overall) 
Maya Borthwick 38.05 PB (4th in 40-44 AG, 20th female overall) 
Pete Truscott 38.43
Jessie Hanna 38.42 PB
Anna White 38.49
Eleanor Goldrick 39.34
Jenny Doak 39.46 (7th in 40-44 AG) 
Rach Kay 40.44 PB
Ash Ruane 41.11 PB
Olivia Johnson 41.54 PB
Mary Stringer 42.00 winner of over 60s!! 
Melanie Truscott 42.12
Jo Hadley 44.05 1min 50sec PB
Sammie Feeley 44.11 over a min PB
Neil Rosenbaum 43.27
Jamie Broom 45.05
Fran Boorer 52.45
Emma Trehy 53.07
Cathie Sherrington 53.28
Jessica McDonagh 53.40 4min PB
Desie Joannides 54.01

Sydney 10k big group 2018.jpg


Canberra April 2018: Well done everyone across 5k, 10k, half, marathon & 50k, lots of pbs & break through runs. Jaden & Greta enjoyed cheering 👏🏻 . Great team dinner Saturday night & fun post run celebrations Sunday, happy bday John McCormack 🎉. 
#austrunningfestival #canberra #runners #livinglifetothefull #goteam#rejoovrunners

Canberra Marathon:

Rob Wilson 2.52 & 7min PB 

Johnny McCormack 3.28.10 tough solo into head wind section & a 17min PB

Jo Hadley 3.42.50 thrilled with breakthrough 8min PB

Lisa Charles 5.08 debut breakthrough training for UTA 50k  

Fran Boorer pacing 6hrs 


Canberra half marathon: 

Maya Borthwick 89.10 happy to be racing again 10th female 

Rachel Birds 93.49 a 1.5min PB 

Grant Sherman 94.23 a 20min PB

Lisa Sherman 96.33 close to pb

Adam Ballesty 97.08 enjoyed running with running husband DMac

Darren MacGregor 97.08

Olivia Johnson 97.19 first half post baby 

Georgina Eden 98.52 an 8min PB 

Jamie Broom 1.33.50 a 4min PB

Chris Truscott 77.10 seized a bit in cold 

Sarah Binks 1.40.13 seized a bit in cold

Dave Stewart 1.40.11 debut road half PB 

Darren Bagnall 1.44.41 backing up after 10k day prior & enjoyed a PB 

Olivia McArdle 1.59.31 beat the past 2yrs 

Janine Tennille 2.14 recovering from injury 

Pam Beigel 2.05.31 thrilled with a 35min PB 

Brett Rubin 2.33 happy & training well for UTA 

Jo Zimerman 1.48 training for UTA



Oliver Gissing 39.23 on come back 

Darren Bagnall 44.53 fastest time in 25yrs 

Rebecca McCormack 59.29 happy to be running 

Melissa MacGregor 29.52 5k event debut 


Ultra 50k: 

Lesley 6.08 debut 

Diala 6.08 debut 


Thanks Cheer squad & photographers: Zac, Melissa M & girls, Caroline B & Kids, Greta & Jaden

Pyjama party or the start of the Canberra Australian Running Festival ?

Pyjama party or the start of the Canberra Australian Running Festival ?