Six Foot Track Camp & Race 2018

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Rejoov Runners is proud to announce that we will be the official training partner of the 2018 Six Foot Track Ultra Marathon in the Blue Mountains.

The Six Foot Track (http://www.sixfoot.comis a 45km trail stretching across the Blue Mountains from The Explorer's Marked Tree, near Katoomba, to Jenolan Caves. The marathon started in 1984 and follows the length of the entire trail. Every year since its inception, this event has grown and evolved into one of Australia’s premier events. So much so that it now only offers entry via ballot (Nov 27th) or pre-qualification.

Rejoov Runners will be hosting the official 6ft Track training weekend over the weekend of January 20-21 with the event itself scheduled for March 10th 2018.

You will be staying overnight in the very iconic Jenolan Caves House in shared or private accommodation, with buffet dinner and lunch included. You will gain access to most of the trail itself via our planned training run on Saturday and long run Sunday and you will be provided with invaluable advice and practical sessions around core strength, stretching, nutrition and generally what to expect on the big day.

Below is a profile of the course. Believe it or not, it’s officially a net downhill course although it does feel like you are running uphill most of the way. It is a tough event but very enjoyable at the same time. You need to be a runner to understand.

Six foot elevation image007.jpg

And below is an image of Caves House right down in the valley where you can explore the many caves on offer if you haven’t already had enough exercise.

Caves House - Jenolan Caves - The Finish Line! 

Caves House - Jenolan Caves - The Finish Line! 

So now is the time to start planning well in advance. Here’s your simple checklist:

1)      Can I run that far?

2)      Do I want to?

3)      I had better plan my training then.

4)      Email Chris & Greta to pencil in a reserved spot on the training camp (partners welcome)

5)      Diarise Nov 27th to enter the race itself

6)      Train train train – speak to Chris & Greta about Rejoov’s special 6ft training block offer for December to March.

We’d love to see as many of you as possible at both the training camp and the race itself. Please reach out and chat with Chris or Greta if you have questions about the event & camp.

We look forward to seeing the Rejoov orange and pink singlets flowing along the track next March.

Chris & Greta Truscott - or or call us on 0419 021 694