Rejoov's first year 2017 with Athletics NSW affiliation so far..

Rejoov has had a great start to their first year 2017 as a new club affiliated with Athletics NSW with 58 ANSW runners in the space of a short time.

We have many more runners in the club of Rejoov so we're really hoping that more will jump on board with ANSW and be involved in rich culture and history that underpins our running - that is running in Athletics - cross country & track. 

The Summer track season ANSW regos will be opening from 1st August 2017 so it'd be awesome to have everyone on board for this:

Here's some information from Jessica Drake at ANSW:

"Registrations for the new membership season will be taken from August 1 this year (Apart from the RunNSW membership for 2018), although memberships for the 2016/17 season are still current until the end of September 2017.

Track season starts at the start of October. Here's a link to the current calendar of ANSW events for the summer season:

The road relays on 15th July are the last event in the Waratah Run Series, however there are still a number of RunNSW events left in the season, along with the Blackmores event".

Jessica Drake | Membership Analyst | Athletics NSW Limited
Sydney Olympic Park Athletic Centre Edwin Flack Ave, Sydney Olympic Park
PO Box 595 Sydney Markets NSW 2129
Tel: 02 9746 1122|  Fax: 02 9746 1168


A recap of 2017 so far: 

Rejoov kicked off late in the track season with a good turn out at the 5000m state track champs at Sydney Olympic Park in February 2017. Some also did the 10,000m state track champs 6 days later.

We started our cross country campaign with the Ramsgate Novice XC in April.

We had our hugest turn out of ANSW rejoovers to the Sydney 10k road on 6th May.  

We then had a sensational turn out of teams and individual runners to the Miranda Relays 27th May. 

In June we had a few runners at the long course XC at the Sydney Equestrian Centre and the XC champs at Nowra. In July we also had a few runners at the short course XC held at Rydalmere (many runners were at Gold Coast running festival).  

Athletics NSW wrapped up the Waratah Run Series for the Winter with the Street Relays on Saturday. Thank you to all who could make it, everyone ran hard and had a ball. Rejoov ANSW had 2 x men's teams & 2 x women's teams. Plus the kids Jaden Truscott, Josh Bartlett & Andy Heyden's girl Cadence 8yrs ran in the 2k/4k fun run. Jaden 5yrs ran 12.20 for the 2k his fastest time so far.
Rejoov Open Men were 5th overall (behind UTS North, RBH, Newcastle & Sydney Uni): with John Bartlett (12.03), Scott O’Connor (12.13), Nick Roberts (12.43), Andy Heyden (12.48) in a highly competitive field of 20 mens teams and narrowly beating St George by 3 seconds! 

Rejoov Men's 35+ (Chris Truscott, Jeet Aitch, Chris Strom, Rob Wilson) claimed silver behind Asics West.

Rejoov Women's 45+ claimed bronze and Rejoov Women's 35+ nailed their runs, with lots of 4k pbs including Bronwyn Armytage’s great run of 16.24 in her debut ANSW relay event. (We can't believe Andy Heyden backed up on Sunday with the Hunter Valley Marathon after his swift 4k relay time!) 

Rejoover Mary Stringer ran for Striders in their 55+ 4k relay team with the fastest 55+ time of the day in 16.53 and a team Silver!

A reminder that ANSW winter membership holders can get a discount off of the Blackmores running festival coming up.
But now it it time to continue gearing up for c2s and also the track season. Sign up to Athletics NSW with Rejoov for the new season anytime from 1st August:

Matt Wacher at Ramsgate novice 7k XC

Matt Wacher at Ramsgate novice 7k XC

Erika Jordan on her way to a 5000m track pb Feb 2017

Erika Jordan on her way to a 5000m track pb Feb 2017

Sydney 10k road ANSW / Run NSW event 6th May 2017

Sydney 10k road ANSW / Run NSW event 6th May 2017

Miranda relays mens & junior Maggie 9yrs old 

Miranda relays mens & junior Maggie 9yrs old 

Junior Maggie and her buddies

Junior Maggie and her buddies

Miranda relays over 45s - go girls! 

Miranda relays over 45s - go girls! 

Thanks James Matthews and team for all your support, it only took 1 phone call from James Matthews, the Participation Manager at Athletics NSW at the end of 2016 and Rejoov was on board with ANSW.  James said "It has been my absolute pleasure to work with you [Rejoov] and to see a group such as yours flourish so quickly and really represents what I hope to see on a broader scale across Australia!" (James has now moved on to be the National Programs Manager, at Athletics Australia. So if you are trying to reach him in terms of AA related matters he is now at Athletics House, Level 2, 31 Aughtie Drive, Albert Park, VIC 3206 T (03) 8646 4575  /  0431 323 512 E  | W

Our fabulous ANSW runners in the Winter 2017 season - well done everyone for getting out there. Thanks for being on board through Rejoov: 

Kate Agnew 

Jeet Aich 

Bronwyn Armytage 

Adam Ballesty 

Robin Ball 

Laura Barrington

John Bartlett  

David Bell

Linda Boland 

Maya Borthwick 

Angus Boyd 

Olivia Burton

Grace Cannavo 

Wendy Cheng 

Kelly Coulston 

Anne Cumming 

Sarah Dawes 

Jenny Doak

Jerome Dupuy 

Malcolm Eadie  

Monika Graham 

Jesse Hanna 

Toby Hedgeland 

Andrew Heyden 

Maggie Highnam 9yrs junior 

Tom Highnam 

Laura James 

Erika Jordan 

Hayley Kain 

Mary King 

Bruce Lambert

Susan MacCallum

Lesley Mason 

Claire McCabe

Jo Mawson 

Fiona McDonald 

Jacqueline O'Connor 

Scott O'Connor 

Anne-maree O'Mara

Adam page 

Ainsley Page 

Silpa Parmar

Edel Power

Eoin Reville

Nick Roberts 

Aisling Ruane

Cathie Sherrington 

Enda Stankard

Chris Strom

Lisa Studencki 

Emma Trehy

Chris Truscott 

Greta Truscott 

Pete Truscott 

Robin Vonk

Matt Wacher

Rob Wilson 

Please see all regular updates and many many photos on our Rejoov Runners page on Facebook. 

Happy running. 

Greta & Chris Truscott - AA accredited running coaches