Mindset workshop with Evolve Institute

At Rejoov we're always wanting to improve our mindset as well as our physical health and well being as they all go hand in hand. We want to run well, but we want to be happy and mindful runners. Indeed the mind mastery, confidence & self belief is key to faster, stronger running together with the running training. 

Thanks very much Kerrie Otto de Grancy, Marie Louise and Karen Day for your sensational and entertaining Evolve Mindset Workshop for Rejoovers on Wed evening 22nd June 2016. We revived how we can use breathing, visualisation and developing new thought patterns to take ourselves to greater heights. It was so interesting how we can develop and open up the frontal lobe and imagine and create new ideas .. like how the inventors and entrepreneurs do. Let's all think anew and keep the youthfulness, passion & creativity alive & kicking. #thinkoutsidethesquare #enlighten

Kerrie and ladies have a wealth of experience which make them the best teachers for mindset training. Kerrie completed the World 100k Champs together with coach Chris Truscott back in 2014 and now she has teeth sunken into 100m sprint training and the world masters in Perth later 2016. Marie said she is not the most physical by nature but she used the power of mind to cycle through humongous mountains in Italy. Karen has worked under high pressure in the corporate world so understands the pressures that many of our runners face in day to day life as well as wanting to improve their recreation & performance in running. 

Evolve also explained to us "Bring on the master in you and play in the realm of curiosity, growth and action.  If you want to take your meditation or awareness deeper, here is the link to 'How Fit is Your Brainhttp://www.eyi.global/offerings/eyi-meditation-boot-camp/"

Mmmore raw treats and beverages a hit too. Ideal location for the workshop at the Ron Lander function room, Waverly Library. #evolve #mindset #breath #meditation#visualisation #positive #new #thoughts #brain#growth #higherself #performance #rejoovrunners#resilience #mmmore #rawtreats