Sydney 10k Results 2016

See Coach Chris Truscott's blog for details or read below for a snap shot of the Sydney 10k and our Rejoov results:

Sat 7th: Sydney 10km (state champs). This race originally built up by Glen Guzzo via the partnership with Sydney Striders has grown into a fantastic fast 2 loop race. Olympic marathoner to be Scotty Westcott now runs this event and the results are fantastic. Short of Launceston and perhaps the Sydney Harbour 10km, this course is pretty much as flat for 90% of the time as can be and those 10% are easily made up with the depth of field around you. The only thing Scott didn't manage to take care of was the backburning that was happening in the mountains that blew smoke our way as we finished our warmup and lined up. Those with asthma suffered a little whilst we all managed to get through ok. Had it been a half or full the results may not have been as favourable.

Rejoov Runners was well out in force again now equipped with a new banner so everyone can congregate around, get nervous and ultimately report back soon after. The results from our guys was nothing short of fantastic. Many PBs across the board as some broke through in a big way and others continued to chip away at their times showing the value of consistent training inside a fun environment. Runs of the day for me were Beck Munro who smashed a 1min off to almost miss the 38's entirely - running 38:05 & Maya Borthwick who also smashed through the sub 40min barrier in a huge way to run 39:05. Similar runs by Johnny, Simon, Juny, Jo and Lesley (6min PB) ensured firstly that there are too many to individually highlight but also that everyone is on track. Special mention also to Rejoov fringe dweller Jeet who also ran a huge PB to record 34:44 and earn himself a free Rejoov singlet which he assures me he will wear with pride now. 

Then there was the 3-way tussle with my online runner Robin Vonk, Neil Pearson and myself. 

Robin, bouncing back from the Canberra marathon 4 weeks ago (2:47) and Neil aiming to bounce back after 2 marathons in 2 weeks (2:37 Boston, 2:45 Big Sur) as little as 2 weeks ago were ready to go and started well as we all ran through the 1km mark in just under 3:10. Immediately both surged to join a growing group that included Nick Cope, Robin Whitely, Chadi and many others and I missed the train. I had made my mind up that I would be a little more sensible than usual and try and run consistent to attain that desired sub 33min again. I was 16:10 through halfway and only 10-15secs down on that group which were starting to show signs of fracturing. I was running with the Sutherland boys (pictured above) with Kevin Robertson, Liam Ridings and I eventually emerging to push each other from 7km all the way home. I was catching a fading Neil and the 2 Robins but alas ran out of road and track as we entered the stadium and bolted the 350m around to the finish. 

An amazing performance from Neil so soon after the marathons to run a PB of 32:43, Robin Vonk a few secs ahead in 32:39 with myself just falling short of the catch but proud to cross in 32:46. A real confidence boost to run this during a heavier training block and not my usual taper. Hopefully I can continue to get this time down to maybe sub 32min by the GC half / Syd harbour 10km double. 

See below for all Rejoov results:

Robin Vonk 32.39 pb

Chris T 32.46

Simon Rab 36.13 pb

Johnny Mac 37.40 pb by over a min

Beck Munro 38.05 pb by over a min

Greta T 38.18

Maya Borthwick 39.05 pb by over a min

Ruth McGuiness 39.21 pb

Jenny Doak 40.41

Jacqueline OÇonnor 41:17

Eleanor Goldrick 41.57

Amy Louise 41.41 pb

Juny 42.58 pb by over a min

Jo Hadley 45.57 pb by over 2mins

Rebecca Aaby 52.06 pb

Cathie Sherrington 56.03

Lesley Mason 59.03 pb hugest pb of the day over 6mins!!