SMH half marathon & other festivals 2016

Read Chris' blog for a run down of the fabulous SMH half marathon 15th May 2016 where many rejoovers were raising funds for the Love Mercy Foundation & Premature Babies:

Rejoov Smh half marathon results:

- Robin Vonk 73.27 another strong run after Syd 10 pb last Sat

- Hamish Mountford 81..

- Simon Rabagliati 82.18 3min pb smashing race predictions & 2 big pbs inside 8days

- John Clothier 84..

- Chris T 84.31 - 85min pacer for Striders

- Maya Borthwick top run 86.53 back into pb form and likely doing Run Melb late July

- Greta 88.22 happy to run recovering from tonsillitis & also keen to do Run Melbourne  

- Johnny Mac 89.55 another sub 90 - the flat Oregan half soon is looking good. Thrilled for his wife Rebecca

- Carl Lee 93.15 enjoying his running recovering from hip injury 

- Ellie Goldrick 93.41 happy to be running & recovering from injury

- Adam Ballesty 1.48.51 pacing Tom & carrying daughter across finish line

- Tommy Callachor 1.48.30 SB, beating goal and was very happy to do a 4 min negative split!

- Matt Wacher 94.07 hitting sub 95 target & getting back into a solid training block

- Patrick Molloy 95.20 great support crew from Jo Mawson

- Darren MacGregor 97.44 first event in ages. Works too hard lol

- Catrina Henderson 1.50.34 debut & top effort with knee injury 

- Rebecca Aaby 1.56.11 delighted with massive pb by over 4mins

- Tara Black 2.01.50 PB smashed her pb by 5mins 

- Wendy Cheng 2.01.58 recovering well from Canberra marathon 

- Louisa Nocera 2.03 feeling stronger & ready to take on GC half 

- Charlene Cassie 2.09.20 great effort running sick & fundraising for Running for premmie babies 

- Louise Heywood 2.04.51 debut with amazing support crew hubby & 3 kids

- Jacqui Fox 2.08.05 equal time to last year amazing after being unwell & special debut for her son Greg

- Julie McConnell 2.09.08 course pb & feeling happy 

- Lesley Mason 2.14.34 another huge pb by 9mins 

- Melissa Deegan 2.18 happy birthday 

- Susan MacCallum 2.28 debut very happy to complete


- Emma Trehy 14k & hubby Michael Martin 7k - Emma's longest distance event and all on track for Queenstown half (possibly Nike half) 

- Adrienne Taylor & Jade Coppleson thrilled to conquer this fabulous challenge together 


Hawkes Bay marathon NZ:

- Tracey Hind won the trip as a prize and very happy to complete strongly, with hubby cheering all the way on his mt bike. All on track for GC 50k ultra in June


Inaugural Swim Run event: 

- John Clothier - 4th team place out of 100 teams


Ultra Trail Australia: 


- Anne Cumming debut: over the moon to complete this ultra & recovering well

- Fran Boorer: determination shone through & fabulous experience with friends



- Marcus Voltz: smashed it! 

- Amanda debut: she has gone from strength to strength & it is a very special & amazing achievement

- Lisa Mintz: a very gutsy lady, whatever Lisa sets her mind to she achieves! Truly awesome! 

SMH half marathon 2016 - running for charities Love Mercy Foundation & Running for Premmie Babies

SMH half marathon 2016 - running for charities Love Mercy Foundation & Running for Premmie Babies


Read Chris' blog for Sydney 10k 7th May 2016 re-cap or see below for Rejoov results:

Robin Vonk 32.39 pb

Chris T 32.46

Simon Rab 36.13 pb

Johnny Mac 37.40 pb by over a min

Beck Munro 38.05 pb by over a min

Greta T 38.18

Maya Borthwick 39.05 pb by over a min

Ruth McGuiness 39.21 pb

Jenny Doak 40.41

Jacqueline OÇonnor 41:17

Eleanor Goldrick 41.57

Amy Louise 41.41 pb

Juny 42.58 pb by over a min

Jo Hadley 45.57 pb by over 2mins

Rebecca Aaby 52.06 pb

Cathie Sherrington 56.03

Lesley Mason 59.03 pb hugest pb of the day over 6mins!!

Sydney 10k 7th May 2016 at Homebush 

Sydney 10k 7th May 2016 at Homebush 

Read Chris' blog for a full Canberra running festival wrap up: 

Here's the Canberra results 10th April 2016 from our Rejoov Runners with many finishing so proudly and all with a smile on their face.

5 & 10k:
Adrienne Taylor 55 & Jade Coppleson 64 in the 10k
Kids & hubbies in the 5k = awesome!! 

Half marathon: 
Chris Truscott 1.13.40 3rd place
Greta Truscott 1.26.06 7th
Maya Borthwick 1.28.04 11th
Johnny McCormack 1.28.52 pb and mum Janet 2.00.26
Rebecca Munro 1.29.22
Juny Xi Chang 1.36.10 a 10min pb
Rachel Kay 1.37.15 debut
Adam Ballesty 1.37.33
Adam Page 1.40.22 huge pb
Jo Hadley 1.45.55 a 5min pb
Amanda Clout 1.57 training for UTA 100k
Jo Tolson 1.59.21 pb
Becca Aaby 2.00.42 pb
Helen Banks 2.00.54 pb
Jacqui Fox 2.04.16
Julie McConnell 2.08.35 pb
Lesley Mason 2.23.52 pb only a week after Galston Gutbuster trail half

Robin Vonk 2.47 whilst not the time hoping for, gave it his best shot
Wendy Cheng 4.23 happy with debut in home town & partner Nigel happy with sub 3.30 target