Lesley's chocolate marathon

BLOG by Rejoover Lesley Mason who is in front of the lens for a change instead of behind it (The Mason Picture Company). Way to go Les and a big congrats on your Cadbury marathon pb in Tassie! You are such a happy and positive person, which is very inspiring and uplifting for everyone. 

"On the 10th of January 2016 I ran my second ever marathon – The Cadbury Hobart Marathon – roughly 16 weeks after my first one in Sydney.

In summary I smashed it! My official Time was 5:12 which I know is on the slow side. I beat my Sydney marathon time by 32 mins so I feel like a rock star.

BUT…. There was so much more to this race than that!

Let me start at the beginning….

Before March 2014 I was an insistent non-runner! In summary I joined 12WBT to lose weight and chose the learn to run program. The weight came off and I just kept running, and found a real love for it. Most of my friends and family think I’m a little crazy, so it was great to find Rejoov Runners [Aug 2015] just before the Sydney Marathon. Finishing it felt great and was an achievement to be proud of and I was, but I just knew deep down I could have run better. I guess you can call this the marathon bug! So I looked for the next event and settled on Cadbury and settled on the Rejoov beginner marathon plan. For the first time ever everything went to plan. I did almost everything! No injuries… only 1 or 2 sessions missed over the 14 weeks of training. I was excited and also more than a bit nervous. Can things go too right?

Race Day!

My super supportive hubby made sure we were up on time (4am!!!) and drove me out to the start (and waited the whole time for me). We found one of my 12wbt friends who was also running the marathon with just enough time to head over to the start line, get interviewed for TV and have a last minute pic. The race started and we are off. I end up in what I feel is last place but my pace is way too fast. I ease off and run my own race in what feels like on my own – just another long run right? It was good to see hubby again just before heading down the hill. Here we go!

It was a little disconcerting seeing the distance markers for the second lap at the same time as the first, but at the same time I think it helped with expectations. It was all very calm until the leaders of the half marathon started flying past – boy they were fast! My thought process at this point was ‘of course they can fly past, they are only running half as far”. Another friend was running the half so I kept an eye out for her. This was a great distraction! I was still feeling great and then I saw the Marathon leaders come back towards me. I was clapping and cheering and really just in awe. I was happy with my pace and all was good. 

I then got to the drink station before the Booker Bridge, feeling good and grabbed some water. Then there was the hill up to the bridge I didn’t expect. Mentally it was tough. But on the way across the bridge I saw one of my friends and it was awesome!  The focus was now on getting to the “half way” turn around point at around the 23K mark. The usual ups and downs happened at this point. Looking out for friends again became a welcome distraction! We found each other again. YAY! High Five! Keep on running. Just keep running!!! Run Faster Lesley!!!!

So…. Turnaround happens. Good. Just keep running. This is where the body is fine but the mind wants to quit. Just keep running. And I do. Then I hear a voice … Lesley! It was my other friend who was running the half. Yay! You Go Girl! Can’t talk running! Just keep Running. Run Faster! Use the hills! Use the Hills! Where’s the hill? Here it is! Yay – let’s own the hills! J

Wow, the leaders are fast! Here they are again… Just keep running. The drink stop before the Booker Bridge. I better have a gel this time! Just keep running. Up I walk up the hill. Bugger! Just keep running. OK run. And I do… and I see friends again. Hi Five! Now across the bridge and back were tough. But I ran and I kept smiling. I got back to the drinks and had a moment. Just keep running and I did. But then I got to 35K and my pace kept slowing. My stomach started to ache from inflammation… from 38K it was run/walk/run. But I didn’t stop. The last 4K felt like it went forever! But the really cool part was all the people cheering me on when I came past. “Yay you’re a marathoner!” J I made it to the last drink station and then the hill was in front of me. I was determined to run all the way home. I just ran. And as I did, I overtook a bunch of people on the hill, including a fellow marathoner who cheered me on as I passed saying “Wow, you go girl!” Got to the end straight and was buggered…. Just keep running. And I did. Then I heard my friends and hubby cheering my home… I cross the finish line wheezing. Get my breath back. Hug Hubby. Catch up with the girls……….. And hey…. Life is good!

That afternoon the biggest surprise of all – my interview was on the Southern Cross local news. At that moment in time – what Marathon?

The next Cadbury Marathon is now only less than a year away and I will be there!

Cheers…. Lesley"

Lesley cadbury marathon.jpeg