Trail tips & Interview with Lisa Charles

Lisa Charles lives in the ACT and has been running online with us for a year now and shares some of her highlights and trail tips. She recently came 2nd female in the Stromlo Stomp 22k trail and won her first park run a couple weeks ago. She likes to mix it up between trail and road events. 

1. At what age did you start running?

Lisa: "I started running in 2002 as part of triathlon when I was 22. I retired from triathlon switching to mountain biking. After 15 years and 2 kids later I took up running as a way to get fit while on maternity leave". 

2. What are some of your favourite running experiences?

Lisa: "Some of my favourite running experiences happen when running trails or in interesting places like running through the Western Plains Zoo as part of the Dubbo Stampede. My favourite races to date have been the Southern Highland Challenge and the Bundy Run, Canberra Fun Run and Dubbo Stampede and my first ever park run two weeks ago. highlights from the Park run were when I saw the race leaders after the turnaround the moment I realised I was the leading female runner - it spurred me on to keep pushing harder to finish strong and the feel and joy of running with other runners of all different abilities".  

3. What's your favourite home cooked meal?

Lisa: "Beef or chicken stir fry". 

4. What do you enjoy about your online training program?

Lisa: "The variety and challenge each session brings. The support, encouragement, advice and belief that is provided by Greta, I achieve results I never thought possible. The flexibility it allows me to have a good balance between family, work and my wellbeing". 

5. What events are you training for?

Lisa: "Wow this is hard one for me to answer there are so many events I find it hard to narrow it down but at the moment I am training for most likely the CBR 25km and later in the year the 20km race as part of the Southern Highland Challenge". 

6. Can you share what your top trail running tips are? 

Lisa: "I learn something new every time I race which is really exciting. My top trail running tips I have learned are:

  • finding the right nutrition that suits me
  • I use faster runners to help pace me uphills
  • I run fast where I can - non-techincal bits & run purposefully downhills 
  • practice technical bits (rocky trails, steps, single tracks, logs and fences, zero tracking) where ever I can in training."

Thanks Lisa, happy running. 

Greta & Lisa enjoying the Southern Highlands Challenge 2015

Greta & Lisa enjoying the Southern Highlands Challenge 2015