Julie's healthy day on a plate

Here is some food for thought by one of our runner's Julie McConnell about some food types that constitute a super healthy and fit runner's daily nutrition plan on a 60 minute type running day. Our sports nutritionist Charlene Cassie helped Julie put this together. She will fuel up a bit more before and during her long run days and Charlene has modified intake based on running days and non running days.

Julie is training for the Auckland Marathon so on her long run days (longer than 60mins) she will also have something to eat before her runs plus fuelling during her long runs and adding calories during the day. Pre-run we would suggest something high carb like a piece of toast (or rice thins) with honey and / or a ripe banana. For instance, Greta has to eat before all her runs otherwise she gets the wobbles. 

Re-cap by Julie:  

"A typical 60 minute running day (Tuesday, Wednesday or Friday) currently looks like this in terms of my meals and snacks. On weekends I would tend to have poached eggs with avocado and lunches would be a bit more exciting than corn thins! My favourite thing to do on long run days is to go to brunch with Vicky at a place called The Rustic Pearl in Surry Hills, they do the most amazing dishes, and most things on the menu come garnished with toasted almond slivers and a lovely Turkish twist (this is one of their dishes in the photo attached). Celebrating those long runs with yummy food is something to look forward to and a nice way to regroup with our partners (who may not be joining us for fun crazy times at 5-30am on a Sunday morning)".


5am -      2 glasses of water prior to running


7:45am -  Breakfast

               Oats, plain Greek yoghurt & coconut

               2 glasses of water


8.30am    Skim flat white 


10am       BCAA recovery supplement (it's free at my workplace)


12:30pm   Lunch

                Organic corn thins with tzatsiki, smoked salmon, cucumber & salad greens

                2 glasses of water


2pm         Piccalo (my office is located at the Grounds in Alexandria so it's hard to not smell the coffee beans roasting but I do avoid the doughnuts because I would need to run another 10ks a day to run those babies off!)


3-30pm     Apple with peanut butter or ryvita with peanut butter 


6.30pm     Dinner

                Grilled fish with lemon and dill

                Greek salad with feta

                Baked sweet potato (kumara - red ones are the best!)

                2 glasses of water


8pm          2 pieces of Lindt dark coconut chocolate with Earl Grey Tea 

Thanks a lot for sharing this with us Julie. Happy training and fuelling and have a ball in the Auckland Marathon and in all the training and events leading up to it!