When motivation wanes... by Chris Truscott

24/8/15 If any of you wonder whether Greta and I ever have 'one of those days' - the answer is yes. Today has been a tough ask for me getting the motivation out of first gear. Yesterday's race Pub 2 Pub 14.5k was a great event and we both got on the podium, but the hard exertion after a big training week, completely flattened me. Today was the first day in a long time I had zero motivation. Coffee didn't help, the stormy weather certainly didn't and a work mate resigning also dealt another blow I could have done without. 

So in getting home, I collapsed onto the couch thinking about whether to take my first day off running in approx 3mths. 

The answer was just as I suspected - NO Way. I'm on a roll here. I have races ahead of me. So I reached for the runners as my legs started whimpering in their best Kamal voice "why are you so unkind?"

But it was still a tough ask. So I broke it down. Turn the watch on, find a satellite, ok so no satellites, start walking till one flies past, there we go we're on, start with a trot, ok that works, now jog - and that was that. I jogged over 30secs slower per km than usual. I kept jogging as the thunder and lightning grumbled overhead and I finished 12kms later feeling a hell of lot better all over. My legs are still tired but not as sore. Mentally the run relaxed me so I was in a much better place for having done it.

Why am I sharing (or perhaps boring you) with this? Simple, we have chosen the most convenient and possibly the most effective form of stress relief going. And it's there for you all to take daily. And as an added bonus, you're getting fitter, faster and for most of you further advanced as you prepare for that next exciting event. 

So tomorrow morning when you wake up and it's possibly raining, I urge you all to get amongst it. I even urge you to think about others you feel are in need of some group therapy and encourage them to come along. 

Happy running everyone.