Rejoov Runners Featured in 'Womens Running'

In the early hours of the morning, near the beaches of eastern Sydney is a group of encouraging, supportive and motivated runners, known as Rejoov Runners. No matter what your goal, fitness level or age, Rejoov Runners welcomes all with open arms, to not only improve your running, but also your life. Words by Rebecca Munro

When I moved to the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney six years ago I needed a way to keep fit and meet new people. I found a running group called Rejoov Runners near to my house in the tranquil, leafy Centennial Park.
I started running with Rejoov with no real running goals. I started off training for 10km races and realised I wanted to try running longer distances. I then started training for my first half marathon and three years ago completed my first full marathon. I could never have dreamed that I would be running these distances and achieving these goals, all whilst still enjoying my self and with the support of the group

We train twice a week every Tuesday and Friday mornings in rain, hail or shine. New to the group this year is a soft sand run on Wednesday mornings and a long run on Sundays around the park.  I love the group because we have such an inspirational and encouraging coach who supports us all through any event that we are training for.  Rejoov has a culture that is welcoming to absolutely everyone; there are people there who simply like to keep fit, people who enjoy the social side of fitness and also all those training for events. There are so many inspirational people that I have had the privilege to train with - some people are doing their first marathons in their 50’s and 60’s! We all want the best for one another; it’s about us all crossing the line, rather than individual competition.

Running is my moving form of meditation that keeps me mentally and physically fit. I have to start my day with a run to boost my energy and serotonin levels for the day and it’s the only thing that wakes me up.  I look forward to seeing the familiar faces of my running family in the mornings as we are all there to support each other. It’s been really nice to be apart of a fitness group that is motivated by more than aesthetics – we all have our own reasons for training and enjoy the benefits; physically, mentally and emotionally.

Every session is a different loop in the park with a scheduled objective for each session. Tuesdays we run continuously in fartlek style; Wednesdays are on Coogee beach for less impact and a strength focus; Fridays are stop-start intervals; and Sundays are the social long, slow run. These sessions are the key to what has improved and made my running faster – I had no idea of the importance of varied sessions in event preparation. 

I would recommend group running training to anyone who has just moved to a new city, anyone looking for inspiration and to all those who are looking to compete with an extra edge. Rejoov Runners are a big and beautiful area of my life and I am so grateful to be a part of it.