Tips for the Travelling Runner

One of the biggest challenges of travelling near or far for holidays or work is keeping up your exercise and fitness routine.  It’s all too easy to sit back eat and drink and take it easy.  Whilst there’s nothing wrong with a break every now and then, whether at home or afar you still need to keep a healthy fitness and dietary balance.  The beauty of running is all you need to pack wherever you go is your running shoes and clothes.

Whenever we go on holidays one of the best things is being out of routine. We tend to have nice dinners, wine, sleep-in and if it's a road trip sit in the car.  So for your next trip why not pack your runners and plan to run everyday and run off some of those extra calories, stretch and do some core. Running on holidays is a great way to explore new locations and find things you never would from the car.

Safety First

When running in new locations its really important to take note of these few basic safety precautions to help keep you safe on road or track

  • Always tell someone where you are going
  • Carry a phone
  • Wear bright colours
  • Always take some money for emergencies

If you are in the countryside make use of trail running your body will thank you, it is so nice on the body after road running.  To take the guess work out of it, choose one or two routes interchange them and plan to leave the same time everyday for your run!

Core Routine

Its not all about the running, stretching and core work is equally as important as it helps protect you against injury and assist in your overall stability when running. For variation on holiday exercise have a core routine written down that can be done anywhere whether that be in the wilderness, on a beach, atop a mountain or even just in your hotel hotel room.

Below is an example of a simple, repeatable routine that can be done anywhere and by doing 3-4 sets will give you a good 20-30 minute core session.

Warm up (5 mins)

Warm up demonstration video

  • Running on spot - 30 seconds
  • Running on the spot high knees with more space - 30 seconds
  • Star jumps - 30 seconds
  • Burpees - 30 seconds
  • Spark plugs - 30 seconds
  • Mountain climbers - 30 seconds

Core Session (20-30 mins)

  • Pushups 10-20 (knees or toes depending on your fitness and comfort level)
  • Dips 30-50 (legs straight or bent. Use a step, edge of a sofa or rock to help elevate you)
  • Plank 60-90 seconds (knees or toes depending on your fitness and comfort level)
  • Side plank left and right side 30-60 seconds (feet or leg up)
  • Crunches 40-60
  • Verticals 10-20
  • Side ankle taps 20 each side
  • V-Sit hold 30 seconds

Even doing this twice a week on holidays will keep your core strong, keep muscle tone and prevent injury.

Happy, healthy holidays!