Interview with Adam Ballesty

1. At what age did you start running? 

Adam / ABs!: I used to race 400m and did loads of beach sprinting, retired at 29. Made a comeback with the guidance and help from my now good mate Jock Campbell. He met me and I was really out of condition so I think I was a passion project for him. Then when I achieved some unfinished business on the beach in March 2012 … where my race was over 15 metres… within 6 months I had run my first marathon. A huge turn around and change. 

2. What are some of your favourite running experiences? 

ABs: Definitely my first marathon… it was totally surreal. My wife and kids were watching. I cried for a while when that was done.  Also nailing a new PB for the half and finishing inside the MCG last weekend is a pretty special feeling. My good friend and Olympic runner Eloise Wellings had finished her race and waited for me inside the MCG and ran the last 400m with me…. I felt 10 foot tall. It was one incredible feeling I hope to never forget. My wife was in the stands and I saw her as well… such a great feeling having her share these moments with me. The 2015 Melbourne Half was my first race I really felt in control the entire race.


3. How did you manage to run a pb in the Melbourne half marathon on 18/10/15 and how did this feel?

ABs: I have been training really well this year. Working really hard. But, I had heaps of travel OS and was concerned I didn’t have the work done. When I was away I did about 70% of the program. I felt undercooked and tired. Rundown. Luckily we had a family holiday down the south coast and I really got back on track – the body was OK but I was stressed and emotionally a bit cooked. So I just dug deep and kept on working. Ate well and just kept putting the building blocks in place. Then, on race day- I had another friend Matilda Raynolds who is an exceptional triathlete in my head saying “form and smile”. Some great advice. Its important for me to ‘keep a lid on it’ as well. I can get overexcited or stressed so it was important for me to get more races under my belt this year – so Melbourne didn’t feel so daunting. The day worked really well for me on all levels…I felt like I had the race the entire time. It was being raced on my terms .. I felt strong and happy. Sure it hurt lots – but that’s the bit non-runners don’t get – I love that hurt. We are totally weird…

4. When did you start with Rejoov Runners and online training and what do you enjoy about these? 

ABs: I started in March. My motivation can go in peaks and troughs. Jock and Mel Campbell suggested I try it out. I was doing my training solo…. It becomes pretty lonely and easy to opt out of sessions. Since joining I have been the most consistent I have ever been and feel I have taken my commitment, kms and enjoyment to a new level. The best thing is I feel like I have an appointment on Tuesday and Friday mornings and if I miss them I feel like I am letting me and the group down. Also the sessions on those days are the first to fall off my training week if I am doing solo.. the group thing along with the tough sessions are epic…. But on top of all that – the people. When I was away for work and I came back – the smiles, high fives and the ‘where have you been’ were really special. There is zero ego and 100% care and respect…. It’s a very special group of like-minded people…. I am having the best time running with this group. I hope to stick with it and the group for a very long time. Also early on Greta was really open to adapt and work with me to ensure the weekly on-line sessions worked for me. 

5. What's your favourite home cooked meal? 

ABs: Can I have two? Chorizo Soup… I get most excited about this one. But the one I love which is not done very often is baked Italian chicken… delicious.

6. Can you share a training, nutrition and mind tip - one of each? 

ABs: Training tip – Join a running group. Join Rejoov… its amazing the change it has made for me. A group is about the routine and ticking off the Kms. Staying in the groove even when its not all going your way. Stay in the group and get the sessions done and the results will follow – they have to. Its as simple as that.

Nutrition – Ha! I work in the booze industry, so lots of entertaining and travel and I live in a house where my wife (Caroline AKA the boss) and I LOVE chocolate. So nutrition for me is a lifestyle and choice. I live in a world on restraint. If I didn’t and I didn’t train – I would be 10kgs heavier real fast. Because I am always in restaurants for work my tip here is – always have green on the table – salad or vegetables andeat an entrée or half the main. 

Mind Tip – This is a HUGE one for me… I am not the best person to take advice from in this space – I am super expectant, ambitious, goal driven and my head gets pretty full pretty quick. When I am in the best place I am doing a yoga flow that Caroline sorted out for me (Caroline is a qualified Yoga instructor) and I am meditating. But, I kick out of this more often then I am deeply committed to it. But, its like chalk and cheese and anyone close to me will know when I am in the habit or out of it.

> Editors note: Thanks heaps ABs for your interview buddy. Your running has really been coming along beautifully, keep at it and strive for that consistent 200k a month these next 2 months! Cheers, coach Gret