Monthly Track Time Trials ES Marks, Sydney

Rejoov Runners started ES Marks Track Time Trials back in March 2018 and these morphed into a popular monthly occurrence with many clubs taking part to test themselves against the clock in an encouraging environment. Nicks Run Club now also helps with hosting and timing to share writing up the results which is a big job as numbers are growing.

25/9/19 ES Marks track interclub last night hosted by Rejoov Runners, so many great runs and break throughs. Congrats Dermott Goodwin from Brats & Mia Farrow from iMove - on lucky door wins for the Runners Shop Randwick gift vouchers. A smaller rejoov turn out post Blackmores but 40 runners altogether from all various clubs - awesome!

Dom Bullock 16.35 PB after his Forster festival triple win 
Chris Cordwell 16.45 track debut 
Charl Jansen 16.45 swift team work with Chris Cordwell
Rosy Cooper 18.41 back into the 18s post injury 
Craig Lee 19.47 back under sub 20 woo 
Gareth Beddoes 20.57 great run, will crack that 20 soon 
Mia Farrow 21.57 track debut getting into it after 3 kids yay

25th sept 2019

25th sept 2019

25/8/19 ES Marks track interclub fantastic night, hosted by Nicks Run Club.

August 25th track time trial 5k

August 25th track time trial 5k

August 25th 2019 hosted by Nicks run club

August 25th 2019 hosted by Nicks run club

17/7/19 Record turn out, well done everyone at our Rejoov hosted interclub track TT last night. Awesome club camaraderie . Next big one Sept 4th to be hosted by Nicks Run Club. We’ll have a smaller one on Wed 21st August. Also to shout out it was Alice, Craig and Monica’s debuts, we love it when newbies come along. Josh Arthur sub 17, Gus Pb 18.05 with Ben Feld and Neil a Pb 19 heading towards sub 19. Josh’ brother Joe visiting from Scotland did 15.45 fastest time of the night and coach Chris chasing him in 16.22.

Full results thanks to Nick, Danny, Greta & all the coaches for collecting times and Nicks Run Club for video & pics :

Joe Arthur rejoov / Josh’s bro 15:45
Chris Truscott rejoov 16:22
Charl van reinsbeeg Imove 16:48
Josh Arthur rejoov 16:57
Gareth Howitt Moore Performance 17.55
Eduardo Bilek BRATs 17:56 Pb
Keith broadfoot Moore Performance 17:58
Gus Rutherford rejoov 18:05 PB
Ben feld rejoov 18:05
Dave Hurdle rejoov 18.25
David barmettler Moore Performance 18:28
James Crethar Nicks Run Club 18:38
Suzy Wilkinson Moore Performance 18:47
Simon Hermann Nicks Run Club 18:54
Greta Truscott rejoov 19:10
Wissam Salama BRATs 19:10
Jim O’Reagan Nick’s Run Club 19:11
Kevin witzenberger BRATs 19:15
Neil rosenbaum rejoov 19:30 PB
Daniel Eberle Tuesday Tracks 19:33
Daniel Mueller Nick’s Run Club 19.33
Bipro Das rejoov / hurts 19:39
Chris quirk Moore Perf 19:40
Derek Wang rejoov 19:40 PB
Wissam aka Camel Moore Perf / BRATs 19.41
Gino Koh Nicks Run Club 19:52
Luke Johnson Tuesday Tracks 19:53
Rowan Gibson Nicks Run club / Tuesday Tracks 19:58
Harriet Beavis rejoov 20:40
Lucy Terrell BRATs 20:44
Dannii eberle 20:45
Meg Walling Nick’s Run Club 20.50
John Fallon Tuesday Tracks 20:51
Kelvin Lim BRATs 21:04
Nathan Sameuls Nick’s Run Club 21.34
Laura Quickfall Moore Perf 21.37
Glenn Parrott Nicks Run Club 21:39
Paraic Moore Perf 21.40
Tom picherit Moore Performance 21.45
Craig Lee rejoov 21:46
Zoe Moore Performance 21:50
Paul Wilson Tuesday Tracks / Nicks Run club 21:55
Grumpy Moore Performance 21:59
Catherine Laws Tuesday Tracks 22:00
Xanthe Spindler Nicks Run Club 22.32
Monica Clarke rejoov 22:36 Pb
Dermot Goodwin BRATs 22:43
Taso frantzis BRATs 22:48
Maaike veenkamp Nicks Run Club 23:13
Viviana Moxham hall 23:29
Danny Moore Moore Performance 23.37
Amy Lin Tuesday Tracks / Nicks Run Club 23:57
Emma Cameron Moore Perf 23.43
Steve garamy rejoov / Woodstock 24:28
Alice kellehear rejoov 25:08
Emma Bathurst Moore Perf 25.34
Mariana 26:08
Fern Moore Perf 26.40
Fran Kay Moore Perf 27.07
Sarah Lynch Nick’s Run Club 27:10
Alicia Scanlon Moore Perf 28.42
Kirsty Graham Moore Perf

Interclub track TT 17/7/19 some missing from this pic. Record turn out. Well done clubs!

Interclub track TT 17/7/19 some missing from this pic. Record turn out. Well done clubs!

ES Marks Track Interclub Time Trial 5k: Debut hosting by Nicks Run Club, big turn out on a rainy night for Global Running Day. Plus we had a big Track CLOCK organised by Nick Daniels & James Constantine. Thanks guys for all your support and everyone for going & cheering each other on. Results written by Romaine Peton. More pbs & great times congrats everyone👏🏻
Rejoov back to hosting the next one Wed 17th July 6pm w-up, starting 6.30pm the main wave for great pacings & 6.50pm for anyone running later. 📷Nicks Run Club

Track results 1 June 2019.jpg
Track results 2 June 2019.jpg
Track time trial ES Marks big group June 2019.jpg

INTERCLUB TRACK TIME TRIAL 24/4/19, ES Marks Track, created and hosted by Rejoov Runners. Well done everyone and thanks so much for coming. Awesome night! Big shout out to Jamie Broome’s Pb tonight, Sam Cornell another Pb, and Rosy her quickest 5k in 10years. Next time trial will be Wed night 5th June.
James Constantine 16.20 delta
Chris Truscott 16:21 rejoov 
Dean Veragoo 16:51 Tuesday tracks
Dom Bullock 17:13 (recovering from Canberra 2.40 mara) rejoov 
Sam Cornell 17:25 (10sec Pb) rejoov  
Anthony Biggs 17:37 (15sec Pb) hurts
Keith Bateman 17:39 sweat 
Hamish Mountford 17:46 hurts 
Romain 18:23 (pb) nicks 
Colin Dunn 18:30 (nicks) (1:20) 
Jamie Broome 18:34 (36 pb) rejoov 
Rosy Cooper 18:48 (10yr pb) rejoov 
Ben 18:53 kings cross track club 
Jacob 19:02 rejoov 
Gino koh 19.04 debut nicks 
Simon Daly 19:05 nicks 
Greta Truscott 19:09 rejoov 
Junta Sekimori 19:19 (1sec) nicks
Simon 19:23 nicks
Will 19:29 nicks 
Patrick 19:30 
Gus Rutherford 19:35 (tempo post Breca Swim Run) rejoov 
John fallon 19:49 Tuesday tracks
James 19:54 nicks 
Jenny Doak 20:11 rejoov 
Derek Wang 20:15 (25sec Pb) rejoov 
Anne Marie 20:44 (pb) nicks
Luke Johnson 20.46 Tuesday tracks 
Nathan samuels 20.56 nicks 
Paul Birch 21:35 (2yr SB) hurts 
Tanya 22:27 nicks 
Lex van Santen 22.38 rejoov
Bec Dracula 22.58 nicks

Track time trial 24th april 2019 awesome turn out and results

Track time trial 24th april 2019 awesome turn out and results

28/3/19 Fantastic results & vibe at the track! Congrats on the pbs and well done on massive efforts everyone. Zac Smith what a blinder! Rob Kolbe ran a Pb after feeling crap beforehand, see you never know unless you have a go. Lex van Santen awesome Pb thanks Jo Jo Hadley for setting a great pace. Thanks everyone for going. Thanks Jenny Doak for your daughters high fives each lap.

Charl van Rensburg 16:22

Brendan fink 16.24 Pb

Daren Lake 17:13 pb

Sam Cornell 17.35 Pb

Nico Roth: 18:35. Pb

Zac Smith 18.39 Pb

Gus Rutherford 18,46 (track Pb)

Steve Mardlin 1856 Pb

Rosy Cooper 19.03 (close to Pb shape)

Rob Kolbe 19.06 Pb

Marty Doak 19.08

Greta 19.28

Neil Rosenbaum 19.58

Anthony Johnson 20.00

Jen Doak 20.20

Lisa Sherman 21.22 Pb

Derek Wang 21.49

Gareth Beddoes 21.55 Pb

Jo Hadley 22.21

Lex van Santen 22.36 Pb

Track TT 28/3/19 what a gang!

Track TT 28/3/19 what a gang!

21/2/19 Great, cooler conditions for the 5km ES Marks track hit out. Well done to the Rejoovers and the Hurts crew.
Chris Truscott 16:17
James Constantine 16:29 (2nd fastest ever time) 
Chris Robinson 19:04 (pb)
Zac Smith 19:07 (pb)
Rob Kolbe 19:43
Jamie Broome 19:17 
Darren Bagnall 21:45
John Clothier 20:02
Neil Rosenbaum 20:02
Derek Wang 20:40
Hayley 24:33

Track TT FEB 2019.jpg

Thursday 15th Nov 2018, windy, drizzly conditions: Elle 18.31, Erika 18.42, Greta 19.13, Maya 19.24, Rachel 19.58, Sammie 20.02 (42sec pb). Thanks 20min pacer Jerome, Ash 20.04, Michael Quinn 23.46, Lesley 26.30, Robin 3k 16.56 then 800m great session, Zac 5 x 1k reps on a 5min cycle.

Love it!! November 2018

Love it!! November 2018

A cosy time trial 25th October with fabulous results!! Special shout out to Elle Goldrick 18.30 PB & debut on a tartan track!! Dean Mannix PB 21:08, Bruce Lambert strong run 17:15, Renee Everett 20:28, Lex Van Santen 23:12, Anna White 12:20 3k then paced Elle the last couple of laps of her 5k thank you Anna, Cathy Rowney 15:50 3km (over 50yrs), Emma Trehy 25:54, Susan McCallum (over 50yrs) 3km 13:56. We are so proud of our newbies and older age groups and everyone giving the track a crack to further improve and have a great workout!

October 2018!! Well done gang!!

October 2018!! Well done gang!!

Rejoov Bondifit time trial - all various clubs / session 25th September 2018: 
Geordie Bundock 17.15 (first time back on track in ten years!)
Dan de Zilva 17.19 1sec Pb
Sheng Bosco Huang 17.20 
Kieran O’Connor 18.18 7sec Pb 
Greta Truscott 18.31 
Jakub Mlynarczyk 19.00 5sec Pb 
Anna White 19.38
Neil Rosenbaum 19.39 14sec Pb 
Zac Vereker 19.50 Pb 
Bron Armytage 19.58 Pb & CT pacer
Deb Ford 21.41 debut at the track 
Spot Anderson 22.35
Emma Starritt 22.41
Ben Wright 22.48
Trent Carroll 22.55
Beth Stewart 23.06
Karen Lake 24.21
Kimberly Hill 24.35
Emma Trehy 25.35 3rd fastest time 

Keith Bateman 3k 10.20
Niki Hale 3k 14.24
Katherine Christian 3k 16.00 

Cheer squad Strommie & Rolo
Photographer terrific pics & support Zac Smith, thanks guys. 

Well done everyone!

ES Marks track timetrial rejoov bondifit and all clubs 25th sept 2018

ES Marks track timetrial rejoov bondifit and all clubs 25th sept 2018

Thursday evening 14/6/18 Great conditions, thanks everyone for going along, well done on the PBs too: 

Jerome Dupuy 16:40

Eoin Reville 17:20

Tim Mathas 18:47

Simon Hermann 19:25 PB 

Neil Rosenbaum 19:53 PB

Darren Bagnall 20:28 (fastest time in 15 yrs) 

Tanya Tan 20:35 (1min pb) 

Emma Trehy 25:16 PB 

Tania farmer 27:10

Steve Garamy 14:51 (3k) 

Chris Truscott 9:40 (3k)

Track time trial es marks 14.6.18.jpg


24/5/18 Another perfect night at ES Marks for our latest 3/5km TT. Up from Nowra for the day, long term Rejoover Robin Vonk ran off the front all by himself and smashed in a pb of 16:01. Well done mate. Neil Pearson and Chris Truscott paced Maya Borthwick to a well earned 18:43. Another great run as was Rob Kolbe’s in 19:33 (first time on the track since 1990!), Zack in 20:20 and sis Jenny Doak (nee Truscott) 3km - 11min. We had a couple of Kembla Joggers thanks for jumping in.

Track time trial group May 2018.jpg


26/4/18 Terrific atmosphere & fabulous runs 🙌🏼 Es marks monthly Track Time Trial: 

Andy Heyden 44yrs young 15:53 PB quickest time in 20+ years of running
Chris Truscott 16:11
Mark Higgs 16.41
Cathy Liu 18.37 last track sesh before going to Denmark 🇩🇰😭
Jakub Mlynarczyk 19.05 congrats 35sec PB
Jenny Doak 19.19
Nicol Roth 19:45 from France, BRATS  
Neil Rosenbaum 19.59
Karl Hayes 20.37 Bondifit
Spot Anderson 22:20 Bondifit coach
Cathy Rowney 26.07 1st time on track since 12yrs old now 54 💪🏻

Jack Maxwell 9.35
Fred Marlton 12:49 also leaving for 🇩🇰 
Jacob Mueller 13.24 11yrs old fantastic 🙌🏼
Steve Garamy 14.54
Louise Brooks 21:50 Woodstock all clubs welcome

ES marks track TT April 2018 group.jpg
Track 26 April 2018.jpg


Thursday 22nd March 2018. We really enjoyed seeing everyone at the 3k/5k track TT at ES marks in almost perfect conditions (slight breeze on the home straight). 

Cathy Liu 18:15 PB
Neil Rosenbaum 20:19
Mark Higgs: 16:54 - PB
Jack Maxwell: 16:21 / PB
Andy Heyden 16:08
Jeet 17:32
Oliver Gissing: 18:14
Ash Ruane: 19:50 PB
Georgina Eden: 20:58 PB
Niki Hale 13:57 SB - 3k
Aoife Yofi 23:41
Natalia Veinberg 15:04 PB - 3k

Track Time trial 22nd mar 2018 group start.jpg