Six Foot Track Camp & Race 2018

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Rejoov Runners is proud to announce that we will be the official training partner of the 2018 Six Foot Track Ultra Marathon in the Blue Mountains.

The Six Foot Track (http://www.sixfoot.comis a 45km trail stretching across the Blue Mountains from The Explorer's Marked Tree, near Katoomba, to Jenolan Caves. The marathon started in 1984 and follows the length of the entire trail. Every year since its inception, this event has grown and evolved into one of Australia’s premier events. So much so that it now only offers entry via ballot (Nov 27th) or pre-qualification.

Rejoov Runners will be hosting the official 6ft Track training weekend over the weekend of January 20-21 with the event itself scheduled for March 10th 2018.

You will be staying overnight in the very iconic Jenolan Caves House in shared or private accommodation, with buffet dinner and lunch included. You will gain access to most of the trail itself via our planned training run on Saturday and long run Sunday and you will be provided with invaluable advice and practical sessions around core strength, stretching, nutrition and generally what to expect on the big day.

Below is a profile of the course. Believe it or not, it’s officially a net downhill course although it does feel like you are running uphill most of the way. It is a tough event but very enjoyable at the same time. You need to be a runner to understand.

Six foot elevation image007.jpg

And below is an image of Caves House right down in the valley where you can explore the many caves on offer if you haven’t already had enough exercise.

Caves House - Jenolan Caves - The Finish Line! 

Caves House - Jenolan Caves - The Finish Line! 

So now is the time to start planning well in advance. Here’s your simple checklist:

1)      Can I run that far?

2)      Do I want to?

3)      I had better plan my training then.

4)      Email Chris & Greta to pencil in a reserved spot on the training camp (partners welcome)

5)      Diarise Nov 27th to enter the race itself

6)      Train train train – speak to Chris & Greta about Rejoov’s special 6ft training block offer for December to March.

We’d love to see as many of you as possible at both the training camp and the race itself. Please reach out and chat with Chris or Greta if you have questions about the event & camp.

We look forward to seeing the Rejoov orange and pink singlets flowing along the track next March.

Chris & Greta Truscott - or or call us on 0419 021 694

Blackmores Sydney 2017

Well done everyone in the sunny Blackmores Sydney Running Festival. Everyone had very positive feedback that they enjoyed their runs and gave it their best. There were many pbs and it was a fun fabulous event. Thanks to our cheer squad in Centennial Park.

Rejoovers at the finish line - great work gang!! 

Rejoovers at the finish line - great work gang!! 



Matty Burke 44.13 pb new rejoover and keen to bring all his times down

Jesse Hanna 41.14 pb A great summer ahead and aiming for the sub 40

David Dickie 44.43 pumped for a good training block to bring his times down

Darren Bagnall 45.. getting fitter again.. still over ten mins off his pb but having a ball 

Nataly Sakorski 45.01 pb lots more in store

Kate Agnew 43.33 happy to get the 10k in, first time on the course 

Susan Janetp 52.37 top 97th percentile in over 50s AG 

Ellen Wayland 57.24 training hard for Noosa triathlon 

Anne-maree 54.53 pacing Ellen for awhile, nice teamwork 

Holly 59mins with buddy Maty Paul - lots of sparkle with this duo 

Robin Ball 64 had loads of fun out on course with Fiona

Fiona MacDonald 66 loved the smiles 

Pam Beigel 61.20 pb well done, you'll crack the 60 soon

Emma Trehy 56.19 enjoyed her run even though recovering from sickness

Becca Aaby longest run since post baby wonderful to hear

Olivia Burton 58.29 enjoyed her run



Maya Borthwick 85.39 course pb top ten female overall, right on track for Melbourne marathon 

Matt Wacher 82.11 pb 7th over 40 male what a year! 

Chris Truscott pacing 80min (79.55 on the dot)

Yury Gliken 87.49 7min pb very happy with another massive pb post c2s 

Patrick Molloy 90.28 pb with a great support crew Jo Mawson and son Finley 

Mary Stringer 1.38.51 and 1st in over 60s age group, what a speedster 

Greg Puttick 2.15.56 another fantastic run for our over 60s

Andrea O'Shannassy 2.13.28 6min pb rapt - bring on STS & ABC biathlons next 

Wendy Cheng 1.54.16 3min pb fought hard and well earned, STS & London marathon next 

Lesley Mason 2.01 6min pb another huge pb on track for Melbourne Marathon 

Jonny Taitz 2.02 happy and on track for New York Marathon 

Emma Page 2.14.57 8min pb wow well done Em, group sessions paying off 

Desie Dazzller 2.11.42 on a series of half marathon running highs 

Jo Zimerman 1.52 well done on another fabulous half 

Natalia Veinberg 2.08 debut - the track sessions have helped a lot 



Sammie Feeley 3.48.51 debut fought hard in that last 5k well done

Neil Rosenbaum 3.26.36 beat the 3.30 target - awesome a 5min pb (down from 3.31) congrats 

Aoife Suttle 3.49.28 1min pb very happy to beat the 3.50-4 target

Shelly Ryan 4.08 pb congrats and also on your RUOK fundraising 

Lisa Mintz 4.46 nailed a good time as wasn't sure about the pacing having done a lot of trail lately

Jessica McDonagh 5.01.41 debut and hungry for more, congrats Jess

Fran 5hr pacer fulfilling her duties with huge smiles and high fives with Bronte dghtr at the finish


ANSW Runners:

Scott O'Connor - 10k 31.25 2nd place - woohoo Rejoov on stage for the podium! 

Nick Roberts - 10k 32.47 10th place - unreal to get a top ten

Andy Heyden - marathon 2.38 2nd Aussie champs (3rd over 40yrs & 15th male overall) 

Eoin Reville - half 78.50 another great run, backed up after the Run NSW Greater Bank Sydney half marathon recently 

Chris Strom - half 80.45 close to his sub 80.. aiming for Melb half 

Cathy Liu - half 84.31 pb well done Cathy and welcome on board ANSW for some swift track times this Summer 

Bronwyn Armytage - half 1.39 and pumped for Melbourne half marathon 

Peter Truscott - half 85.21 & wife Mel marathon paced half - good luck for Melb Marathon 

Thank you so much to our Rejoov CHEER squad! You guys rock and it really lifted everyone. 

Thank you so much to our Rejoov CHEER squad! You guys rock and it really lifted everyone. 

City 2 Surf 2017 Rejoov Club Results

C2S 2017 Rejoov Runners Club Results:

Well done everyone on all your huge efforts & in having a go, whether you ran for fun or smashed it out there, we as a club are super proud of you all. Thanks for coming along to our Rejoov tent to celebrate after the finish line, everyone was in high spirits. 

Rejoov Runners was 2nd team out of 83 registered Athletic/Sporting Clubs:

Groupees / onliners (first name alphabetical order): 
Abby Hewitt 76.12 PB
Adrianne Taylor 95.32
Ailis O'Carroll 87.58
Allison Carleton 91.52 debut
Andrea 84mins
Anne Cumming 21st c2s 82.59
Anne-maree O'Mara with Dad Mike
Aoife Suttle 70.32
Belle Green 76.52
Brett Rubin 89.. training for NY marathon
Cathie 78.17 fastest time in yrs
Chris Truscott 48.18 32nd c2s 3rd in AG, 46th place
David Hazelwood 58.07
Darren Bagnall 1.23.25 running w Sue
Darren MacGregor 57.11 1.40min PB
Dave Healey
Dave Stewart 67.31
Deb Ford 72mins 6min PB
Edel Power 85.13
Ellen 85.29
Emma Page 7min PB
Emma Starritt 67.29 PB
Fiona Robertson 88.20 PB top 93rd percentile in 60-69 AG
Helen Banks 78mins
Mitch Martin-Weber (used friends bib)
Hayley Kain 61.40 99th percentile
Holly 90.39
Hugh 12 yrs old
Jacqui Fox 85.27 top 94th percentile in 60-69 AG
Jessica McDonagh
Jo Hadley 1.07.42 debut top 99th percentile in 50-59 AG
Jo Purcell 70.27
Jo Zimerman 73.55
Johnny McCormack 57.00
Kate Agnew 63.27 99th percentile females
Laura Barrington 68
Lesley Mason 80.01 3min PB
Lidia Scotto Di Vetta 73.32 PB
Liz Levick 75 PB
Lucas Meany 62 2min PB
Lucy Stranger 81.14
Madi Gulliver
Margaux 84mins 15yrs old
Matt Wacher 54.40 2.15min PB
Melissa 79.11
Nataly Sikorski 63.01 PB
Olivia Burton 76.11 2min PB
Olivia McArdle 74mins (8mins quicker than last year) 
Patrick Molloy 64.07
Prue Riley 72.20 debut
Rach Kay 61.30 PB top 99th percentile females
Rach Honeywood 61.12 7min PB top 99th percentile females
Richard Manning 61.46
Ricky 72
Rick 82
Robin Ball 1.40.52
Samantha Feeley 67.29 debut
Sarah Bembrick 63.56 PB top 99th percentile females
Sarah Collins 77.03 debut
Shelley Ryan 82.09 post baby PB
Sidney 81mins 15yrs old
Sophia Karantanis 81.45
Stuart Plumb 73
Sue Gerty 1.23.26
Susan McCallum 75.40 12min PB top 96th percentile in 50-59 age group
Tara Black 75.26 PB
Tom Callachor 66.14 PB
Victoria Raymond 94.04
Wendy Cheng 77.54 PB
Yury Glikin 56.40 4.21 PB 

Adrian McGarva 56.32
Barry Proctor 53.20 debut
Emma Salkavich
Gidon Edinburg 52.46 3min+ PB
Rachael Turnbull 63.48 

Himanshu Dua 61.01 pacing
Floriana 61.03 

Answ affiliated runners: 
Scott O'Connor 45.30 top ten overall PB
John Bartlett 44.32 8th overall PB
Bronwyn Armytage 62.46
Eoin Reville 52.27
Angus Boyd 50.25
Erika Jordan 54.57
Enda Stankard 52.06
Nick Roberts 46.48
Jerome Dupuy 50.58
Andy Heyden 47.49 1st in AG
Laura James (friends bib) 59
Toby Hedgeland 48.54
Jeet Aitch 55.36
Peter Truscott 55.43