Snacks - friend or foe?

By Lisa Sherman, Nutritionist, Mobile 0413 580 608

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Snacking is often an area that can derail someone’s best laid plans to eat healthier or to lose weight.  We might choose the wrong type of snack (such as a highly processed or packaged option with high added sugar, salt or unhealthy fats), we don’t think about portion size so end up having a snack that is the same size or possibly larger than a main meal, or we might eat the snack too close to our next meal. 


But having a snack isn’t always the wrong choice.  Snacks are a great way to get some extra energy, protein, vegetables, and fruit into your day, and as part of a nutrition strategy to support optimal exercise performance, training and recovery.  The key is selecting the right type of snacks and adopting a few simple tips to ensure snacking fits within your nutrition goals.


·      Opt for snacks that are nutrient dense with a mix of complex carbs, protein and healthy fats.  These types of snacks will help you to feel full and not have you reaching for more.  Some good options are piece of fruit with handful of nuts, yoghurt with nuts and seeds, rice cakes with cottage cheese and sliced tomato, hummus or mashed avocado and raw vegetable sticks, homemade protein balls or a protein shake with berries.

·      Check the time and if you are planning on eating your next main meal (be it lunch or dinner) in the next two hours, forgo the snack and have a glass of water or a herbal tea instead.

·      Watch your portion size – it can be very easy and tempting to eat more than we need with a snack. Examples of good snack portion sizes are one piece of fruit, a small handful of nuts (about 30g or 15-20 nuts, depending on the nut), 2-3 rice cakes, 1-2 tablespoons of hummus or avocado.

·      Practice mindful eating when snacking – prepare your snack (such as cutting up your piece of fruit and putting it on a plate), make it look more appealing and appetising, take the time to enjoy it and don’t snack on the run – this way you are less likely to reach for more.

·      Think about variety for your snacks. A key component to a healthy diet is eating a wide selection of foods from the different food groups and varying your choice of foods day to day.  This applies to our main meals and our snacks and not only provides us with a wide variety of nutrients but also makes meals more appealing and appetising.  Snacking on different vegetables on a regular basis is a great way to up your daily vegetable quota too.

If you do find you need to snack on a packaged or processed item, check the nutrition label on the packet.Look for snacks that have less 10g of added sugar and at least 10g of protein per 100g.Also be mindful of the number of serves in the packet – often there is 2 or more serves, not just a single serve.

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Hydration during summer training

By Lisa Sherman, Nutritionist, Mobile 0413 580 608

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Watermelon salad - a hydrating meal

Watermelon salad - a hydrating meal

A common challenge during summer is training in hotter, humid conditions making us sweat more and increasing our body temperature.  This can lead to dehydration, potentially affecting our performance and mental functioning as blood flow is diverted from our muscles and brain to cooling our skin, especially if we don’t replenish what is lost.


During exercise, we need approximately 600ml – 1litre of water for every hour of training with the amount varying depending on your body size, gender, how much you sweat, the temperature, humidity levels and more.  If you are planning on a long run, it’s a good idea to carry some water with you and sip regularly, chose a route that includes known water stops, or where you can leave a bottle of water safely to come back to during your run.


Water is needed to support your body to function properly making it essential to have adequate hydration at all times, not just during or after training.  For example, our body needs water to metabolise the food we consume for energy and even a mild dehydration can slow down our metabolism – not helpful if you are looking to lose weight or to ensure optimal performance.  An adequate fluid intake is also important for optimal gut health and assists with motility and regularity.  A good indication of your hydration levels is to check your urine colour often – very pale urine indicates over hydration so drink less and a dark yellow colour is more indicative of dehydration so need to increase your fluid intake (keep in mind some vitamin and mineral supplements may change urine colour).


Water, teas and foods all contribute to our fluid levels. Below is a list of some of the delicious and healthy hydrating foods that really help to replenish fluid post exercise. Remember too that some foods and beverages can be dehydrating such as caffeinated beverages like coffee and cola softdrinks, so best to consume in moderation (or not at all in the case of cola softdrinks!)


The best hydrating foods include:


·      Watermelon

·      Cucumber

·      Celery

·      Iceberg lettuce

·      Zucchini

·      Rockmelon and honeydew melon

·      Strawberries

·      Cauliflower


Plus apples, oranges, pears, carrots, pineapple, broccoli (cooked) are great options to include in your meals. Salads and chilled soups are a must during the summer months, and below is one of my favourite hydrating salads – light, refreshing and tasty – works well on its own or as an accompaniment to a BBQ.



Serves 2 | Preparation time 10mins



o   2.5 cups watermelon, chopped into bite size pieces

o   120g feta, crumbled

o   1 cucumber, peeled into ribbons

o   Handful of rocket

o   2 tablespoons of pepitas

o   Dressing – 1.5 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil mixed with 1.5 tablespoons white wine vinegar



o   Combine ingredients in a large bowl, add dressing and toss through salad before serving



White Fence Track Club twilight Summer series 2017-19

Rejoovers with all the running clubs at the WFTC monthly evening race 1 of 4 for 2019. 41 adults for the 3.6k white fence & 17 kids for the shorter race. See the White Fence Track Club Facebook for full results / updates. Top 3 males: 1. Ali Najeem 11.38 2. Johnny Mac 12.33pb 3. Ben Feld 12.36.. (Record remains 11.24 Chris Truscott Dec 2018 WFTC). Top 3 females: 1. Greta Truscott 13.43 (new WFTC record) 2. Michaela McDonald 13.45 3. Melissa Campbell 15.11. Congrats Johnny & Zac on big pbs and happy birthday Neil!! Next WFTC likely first Thursday in March.

WFTC Jan 31st 2019.jpg
WFTC jan 31st 2019 kids.jpg
WFTC Kids race jan 2019

WFTC Kids race jan 2019


The last of the monthly daylight savings series 2017-18  @w_f_t_c #5 Wed 7th March 2018. Thanks host @adamballesty & everyone for sharing the magic sunset runs together with families, friends and furry friends 🐶 

Congrats to race #5 white fence winners: Chris Strom & Sarah Binks winning the finest bottle each. Kids race 500m Ava Bembick & Jaden Truscott. 1k Eden Macgregor & Jack Honeywood. All kids winning yummy @bearnakedausnz peanut butter Bear Naked Bars. 

Congrats to the whole 2017-18 series white fence winners: Darren MacGregor & Rachael Honeywood each winning a gift pack of @tailwindnutrition , a gift voucher for the @tafbondi Athletes foot & a Night Ize running light thanks Zen imports @davestewart73 

Kids series winners Harry & Lucy Ballesty with a night ize light each - the Ballesty family is so committed. 

Lucky door prizes: @karlos_haze winning a @camelbak & soft flask. Jack Basil-Jones winning wine glasses. 

Adults #5 results 7/3/18:

1. Chris Strom 11.47 

2. Johnny MacCormack 13.57 

3. Neil Rosenbaum 14.10

4. Darren MacGregor 14.26

5. Jack Basil-Jones 14.29

6. David Cross 14.47 

7. Darren Bagnall 14.58

8. Chris Truscott & dog Milly 15.00 

9. Sarah Bembrink 15.12

10. Rachael Honeywood 15.15

11. Marcus Kain 15.17

12. Dave Stewart 15.18

13. Hayley Kain 15.23

14. Jo Mawson 15.30

15. Karl Hayes 16.07

16. Hayden Abercrombie 16.19

17. Michael Martin 16.58

18. Polina Tan 17.21

19. Daniel Hill 17.42

20. Emma Trehy 17.47

21. Lesley Mason 20.35 

22. Aoife Suttle & dog Noel 23.39 (tapering ahead of 6 foot track)

Kids 500m: 

Jaden Truscott 3.24

Ava Bembrink 3.26

Noah Kain 3.40

Alex 4.00

Olivia Tan 4.07

Lucy Ballesty 4.09

Lucas Kain 4.15

Alice Ballesty 4.46

Chloe Bembrink 3.46.. part way

Kids 1k: 

Jack Honeywood 5.21

Eden MacGregor 5.29

Danika Stewart 5.33 

Isla MacGregor 5.50

Harry Ballesty 6.08 

Thanks @rachybirds for helping Greta time keep. Thanks everyone, see you out there again soon. #whitefence #centennialpark #funtimes #sponsors #theathletesfootbondi #tailwind #bearnakedbars #diageo #camelbak #zenimports #hokaoneone #internalconsultinggroup #icg

WFTC preso.jpg
2017-18 series kids winners

2017-18 series kids winners

March 2018 kids winners

March 2018 kids winners

March 2018 winners Sarah Bembrink & Chris Strom

March 2018 winners Sarah Bembrink & Chris Strom

2017-18 series winners Darren MacGregor & Rachael honeywood

2017-18 series winners Darren MacGregor & Rachael honeywood



We had an intimate Valentines Day WFTC (white fence track club) series #4 on 14th Feb 2018 thanks host Adam Ballesty for drinks & love songs. Thanks so much everyone who could make it. Well done top 3 guys: Chris Strom, Adam Dickie & David Cross. Top 3 ladies  Bronwyn Armytage, Sarah Bembrick & Niki Hale. 

The Kids had a fun 500m / 1k fuelled on watermelon. Thanks Lisa Studencki for the delightful kiddie treats. 

Lucky door prizes thanks to our generous sponsors: 

- Lisa Sherman, Whole Life Nutrition for 2 x consultations: winners Josh Kolo & Anne-maree O’Mara

- Tailwind gift pack winner Aoife Suttle

- bottle of champagne 🍾 winner Polin Tan who was ecstatic having never won anything before 

- bottle of Bundy winner Sarah Bembrick 

Delicious Bear Naked Bars for everyone thanks to Bear Naked Bars for sponsoring these. 

Thanks Matt Wacher, Chris & Greta Truscott and Harry Ballesty for helping with time keeping. 📷 Grant Sherman, Steve Garamy & Caroline Ballesy. Flower bearers thank you kids. 

Next & last WFTC for the Summer will be on Wed 7th March please join us. 

1 Chris Strom 12.07

2 Adam Dickie 14.16

3 David Cross 14.35

4 Bronwyn Armytage 14.44

5. Adam Ballesty 15.04

6. Ricky Studencki 15.24

7. Sarah Bembrick 15.33

8. Josh Kolo 16.44

9. Dave Dickie 17.12

10. Niki Hale 18.24

11. Polina Tan 18.32

12. Sarah Collins 18.33

13. Anne-maree O’Mara 18.37

14. Steve Garamy 18.49

15. Orla Cunningham 19.20

16. Aoife Suttle 25.13

17. Noel 25.16

18 & 19. Craig & Rachel Birds a WF half moon love loop. 

Kids results:


1. Ava Bembrick 3.40

2. Olivia Tan 3.51

3. Chloe Bembrick 4.02

4. Lucy Ballesty 4.09

5. Alex Tan 4.13

6. Alice Ballesty 4.52

1. Harry Ballesty 5.13 (1k) 

2. Jaden Truscott 5.10 (900m) 

Valentines Day WFTC #4 14th Feb 2018

Valentines Day WFTC #4 14th Feb 2018



A Christmas themed WFTC series #3 on Wed evening 6th Dec was our biggest night yet, thanks so much everyone for coming along. We were lucky the storm passed a couple hours beforehand, leaving us with beautiful sunny conditions, a fun warm up together, the white fence shenanigans & post race picnic & drinks. 

Top 3 males: 

1. Chris Truscott in santa hat 11.24 new WFTC record taken from Ali Najeem’s 11.27 from series #2

2. 12.42 Mark Higgs (debut)

3. 13.06 Johnny MacCormack

Top 3 females:  

  1. 14.25 Maya Borthwick

  2. 14.29 Rachel Birds

  3. 14.47 Rachael Honeywood

WFTC #3 Dec 2017 gp start.jpg

A big thanks for our lucky door prizes - 2 bottles of fine wine from Taylors Wines and Revvies for 2 x packs caffeine strips & chamois perfect for towelling down after a hard run! Winners: Zac Smith, Sarah Bembrick, Rachael Honeywood & Haley Kain. 

WFTC #3 Zac Taylors winner.jpg

Host Adam Ballesty & Diagio work team. Time Keepers Rejoov coach Greta, Catrina Henderson (a big love mercy fan) & Zoolander/rejoover Olivia Burton. Xmas tunes by Love Mercy CEO Caitlin Barrett. Thanks to all the cheer squad that simply came to watch and hang out. Thanks everyone from various clubs - Rejoov Runners, Hurt Squad, Sydney Striders, Zoolanders, TriZone, Sweat, JORG, Run Crew, Jock Athletic, Love Mercy Foundation, Out Run Cancer & Running for Premature Babies. 

Full WFTC 3.6k results: 

  1. Chris Truscott in santa hat 11.24 new WFTC record

  2. 12.42 Mark Higgs (debut)

  3. 13.06 Johnny MacCormack

  4. 13.15 Luke Barrett (debut)

  5. 13.54 Darren MacGregor

  6. 13.58 Matt Wacher (debut)

  7. 14.25 Maya Borthwick

  8. 14.29 Rachel Birds

  9. 14.31 Jack Basil-Jones Diagio (debut)

  10. 14.41 David Cross

  11. 14.45 Josh Kolo

  12. 14.47 Rachael Honeywood

  13. 14.49 Zac Smith

  14. 14.57 Haley Kain

  15. 14.59 Tommy Callachor

  16. 15.18 Aiden Karaman PB

  17. 15.20 Alia Karaman

  18. 15.27 Darryl Chrisp

  19. 15.28 Karl Hayes

  20. 15.30 Dan Forgette

  21. 15.33 Hayden Abercrombie (debut)

  22. 15.46 Sarah Bembrick

  23. 16.10 Alex McCulloch (debut)

  24. 16.19 Andrew Boulton (debut)

  25. 17.04 Calvin Jacob (debut)

  26. 17.06 ?

  27. 17.24 Warren Aronstan (debut)

  28. 17.35 Daniel Hill

  29. 18.06 Polina Tan

  30. 18.15 Nick Havers

  31. 18.31 Emma Trehy

  32. 18.36 Hannah Cunliffe

  33. 18.37 Sarah Collins

  34. 19.29 Rey Reodica

  35. 20.02 Lesley Mason

  36. 20.09 Cathy Rowney & dog Jake

  37. 20.13 Lisa Studenki

  38. 21.05 Lidia Scotto di Vetta pushing pram

  39. 21.05 Robin Ball

  40. 21.05 Fiona McDonald

  41. 21.58 ?

  42. 23.05 Siobhan Cunliffe

  43. 23.12 Luca Turrini pushing pram

  44. 30.30 Marguerite

WFTC #3 kids start.jpg

Kids run (20 kids - thanks partners for helping out - Vets, Chris Tan & Jason Bembrick & gang): 

Boys 1k

  1. Harry Ballesty

  2. Jack Honeywood

  3. Jaden Truscott

Girls 1k 

  1. Neve Corgette

  2. Eden MacGregor

  3. Isla MacGregor

Kids 1k/500m (not listed in order of finishing as it got chaotic with kids going everywhere haha - we need more marshalls, but the kids had a ball which was awesome to see) : 

Alex & Oliva Tan, Ava & Chloe Bembrick, Olivia & Zara Borthwick, Lucas & Noah Kain, Lucy Forgette, Alice & Lucy Ballesty, Bridey MacGregor, Seb Higgs, Hadley Barrett 

WFTC #3 kids cheered on by mum.jpg


White Fence Track Club series #2 on 8/11/17 hosted, drinks, race briefing & music by AB. Photography Carolyn. Lucky door prizes by the Running Club Bondi Beach. Time Keepers G, Caitlin Barrett, Oliver Gissing. Supporters Fein family Peter, Paul, Nicole & baby. Alia’s daughter Alyssa. Jo Mawson & Finley, Naomi Tancred. Thanks everyone for going from various clubs (listed below) with most from rejoov. 


WF 3.6k (no cutting the mckay corner):  

1 Ali Najeem 11.27 Jock athletic, new WFTC record from Chris Truscott in race #1 11.28 

2 Johnny MacCormack 12.59 

3 Maya Borthwick 14.01 new record off Rachel Birds in race #1 14.26

4 Darren MacGregor 14.02

5 Melissa Campbell 14.44 jock athletic 

6 Patrick Molloy 14.50

7 David Cross 14.53

8 Damian Tancred 14.54 Athletics east

9 Rachael Honeywood 15.00

10 Hayley Kain 15.00 (Rach & Hayley another tied finish)

11 Karl Hayes 15.07 TriZone

12 Mary Stringer 15.11 

13 Darren Bagnall 15.14

14 Georgina Eden 15.19

15 Sammie Feeley 15.28 WF PB 

16 Darryl Chrisp 15.33 Sydney strider 

17 Alia Karaman 15.49 JORG & run crew 

18 Aidan Karaman 15.50 (Alia’s son) 

19 Liz Comber 16.18

20 Emily Bassett 16.21

21 Daniel Hill 17. 39 

22 Emma Trehy 17.58 WF PB

23 Lesley Mason 20.04

24 Anne Cumming 20.49 

25 Lisa Studencki 20.50

26 Aofi Suttle 23.36

27 Noel 23.56 dog chasing Aofi for a WF PB

WFTC #3 group hands up start.jpg


Kids 1k:

Josh Tancred 4.49 

Harry Ballesty 5.10

Eden MacGregor 5.42

Jaden Truscott 5.52

Bridie MacGregor 5.58 


Kids 500m:

Jonno Tancred 3.15 

Lucas Kain 3.20

Noah Kain 3.30 

Isla MacGregor 3.32

Alice Ballesty 3.34

Lucy Ballesty 3.40 

Charlie Fein 3.42  sweat



WFTC #1  launch results 4/10/17


WF 3.6k males top 3:

Chris Truscott 11.28

Chris Strom 12.32

Darren MacGregor 13.30


WF 3.6k females top 3:

Rachel Kay 14.26

Lisa Sherman 15.06

Rachael Honeywood & Hayley Kain 15.20


Full list WF: 

Chris Truscott 11.28

Chris Strom 12.32

Darren MacGregor 13.30

Alex Foster 13.39

Rachel Kay 14.26

Darren Bagnall 15.01

Lisa Sherman 15.06

Karl Hayes 15.09

Dave Stewart 15.15

Rachael Honeywood 15.20

Hayley Kain 15.20

Lisa Gibson 15.41

Sammie Feeley 15.50

Emma Starritt 16.15

Bronwyn Armytage 16.38

Paul Wilson 17.15

Rebecca Dixon 17.23

Emma Trehy 19.18

Kim Colville .. 19.38 

Lesley Mason 19.52

Susan McCallum 19.52

Trish Grant (Hyslop) 20.21

Peter Fein 21

Paul Fein 21 father & son running together 

Siobhan Cunliffe .. 

Olivia Burton .. 

Aoife Suttle & dog Noel 🐶 25.36

Alex Burton 30.20 11yrs old 

Dan Forgette friend running with Alex 30.21

Total 30 🙌🏼 


Kids 1k: 


1. Jack Hyslop 4.54

2. Shamus Hyslop 5.06

3. Oliver Hyslop 5.35

4. Jack Honeywood 6.15

5. Ben Dixon 6.50

6. Lucas Kain 7.15

7. Noah Kain 7.16



1. Samantha O'Shannassy 6.30

2. Eden MacGregor 6.33

3. Isla MacGregor 7.12

4. Danika Stewart 7.13

5. Lucy Dixon 8.25

6. Bridie MacGregor 8.30

7. Lucy Ballesty 8.41

Total 14 kids 🙌🏼


Cheer squad x 20: 


Toni Calvert 

James Dixon 

Lisa Studencki 

Nicole Fein

Rowan Gibson

Deirdre Hopkins 

Jennifer Lowry

Grant Sherman

Caroline Ballesty

Sue Gerty

Melissa MacGregor

Andrea O'Shannassy



Luke Sherman

Jos Bagnall 

Hunter Calvert

Jaden Truscott 

Jasper Burton 

Lucy Stewart

Rollo Strom 

Isaac O'Shannassy