2018 running festival results

Portland, Oregan, U.S. 4th July Independence Day half marathon 2018

John McCormack 2min PB in 1.24.22 at 3.39min/km pace woohoo congrats JMac. 

 John PB 84.22 & Becca & baby Matilda McCormack

John PB 84.22 & Becca & baby Matilda McCormack


Gold Coast Marathon 1st July 2018:  

Juny Xi Yang 3.18.31 PB by 20mins (last GC pb 2yrs ago) 

Olivia Johnson 3.23 post baby pb 

Sammie Feeley 4.02.56 had been fighting off a bugs since flight home from Boston JP Morgan Corporate Challenge (team 3rd btw) 

Jessica McDonagh 5.15

Adam Ballesty was on for a PB but hit the wall very bad at 40k mark, plans to re-group for New York

Gold Coast Half marathon: 

Mark Higgs 75.27 PB 

Eoin Reville 77.54

Jerome Dupuy 78.20 

Anthony Biggs 79.48 PB first time sub 80mins

Chris Strom 80.56 

Jeet Aich 84.31 

Rachel Kay  92.19 PB by over a minute 

Neil Rosenbaum 1.32.47 

Melanie Truscott 94.37 

Ash Ruane 96.11   

Jo Hadley 1.37.33 PB by 2mins  

Emma Starritt 1.41.32 big PB from last year’s 1.45.18 by nearly 4mins 

Tammy Reeves 1.56.55 achieved sub 2 goal woohoo 

Louisa Nocera 1.59.20 well done and on track for Berlin marathon

Pia Gilmour training run with friend Bree 2.03.24

Emma Page 2.09.24

Janine Tennille 2.15.46

Gold Coast 10k: 

Pete Truscott 38.26 and son in the 4k Kieren 8yrs 20.54

Mary Stringer 42.54 won over 60s AG 

Paul Birch 44mins 

Tammy Reeves 51.56 

Desie Joannides 56.47 over 55 AG

Greg Puttick 1.01 over 60 AG

 Juny Xi Yang on her way to a 3.18.31 marathon PB

Juny Xi Yang on her way to a 3.18.31 marathon PB

Bay to Bay half marathon June 2018

Ciaran Doherty 1.33.16 nearly 2 mins quicker than smh half pb recently (3 half marathons in 2 months and now 11mins quicker!) Keep it rolling!! 

Rejoov Runners' 2nd year in attendance at the Athletics NSW Miranda 4 x 4k relays: http://nswathletics.org.au/Events/Calendar/2018-waratah-series-relays

1st place men’s 35+ Jerome Dupuy, Eoin Reville, Tom Highnam, CT

16th - men’s open Jack Maxwell, Rob Wilson, Dan de Silva, Chris Strom

23rd - men’s open Jesse Hanna, John McCormack, Matt Wacher, Neil Rosenbaum

5th & very close to 4th - open women's Anna White, Eleanor Goldrick, Bronwyn Armytage, Aisling Ruane 

6th 35+ women's team Abby Hewitt, Emma Trehy, Lesley Mason, Fran Boorer

5th 45+ women's team Niki Hale, Cathie Sherrington, Susan McCallum, Jo Hadley

2nd 55+ women's team Mary Stringer, Jacqui Fox, Robin Ball, Cathy Rowney

Miranda relays 35+ team win.jpg


SMH Half Marathon 20th May 2018

Coach Chris Truscott 74.56 3rd in 40-49 AG (& running for prem babies trophy winner)

Chris’ online runners:

Jerome Dupuy 77.02 PB 

Mark Higgs 77.56 PB

Anthony Biggs 84.05

Chris Strom pacing Elle Goldrick 89.16

Jack Maxwell pacing a friend 1.48.48

Juny Xi Yang 1.31.59 4min PB 

Olivia Johnson 1.33.27

Neil Rosenbaum 1.34.30

Ciaran Doherty 1.34.55 PB

Mary Stringer 1.36.03 1st 60-69yr AG 

Floriana Dua 1.36.49 3min PB paced by hubby Munch Dua, our fabulous ICG sponsors 

Jamie Broom 98.05 2nd fastest ever time

Dave Cross 1.38.55 

Dave Dickie 1.39.39  

Jo Hadley 1.39.51 5th in 50-59 AG PB

Sammie Feeley 1.43.26 9min PB 

Katharine Welsh 1.46.19 2nd fastest time ever 

Carly Landsberry 1.52 

Emily Basset 1.56.36 

Samara Davie 1.59.19 5min PB

Cathy Rowney 1.59.58 50-59 AG

Lisa Studencki 2.00.06 50-59 AG 

Cathie Sherrington 50-59 AG 2.01.19

Jessica McDonagh 2.05.49 5min PB

Linda Boland 2.05.56 50-59 AG 

Desie Joannides 2.07.15 50-59AG 

Louisa Nocera 2.10.02

Pam Beigl 2.10.40

Orla Cunningham 2.13.13 2min PB 

Tania Farmer 2.13.14 

Rachel MacKellar 2.19.46 debut 

Fiona McDonald 2.20.43

Greg Puttick 2.29.39 60-69AG 

Beck RFPB 

Gemma RFPB

Smh relay: 

Johnny & Becca 1.42.32 hubby wife team McCormack

Emma & Michael 1.55.49 hubby wife Trehy-Martin 

Anne-maree & mum 2.14 dghtr mum O’Mara

Great Ocean Road (GOR): 

Lisa Sherman 60k debut 11th female, 3rd in 40-44 AG 5.41.21 

Lesley Mason 44km 5.24.48 7th marathon

Ultra Trail Australia - Blue Mountains (UTA) 50k:

Lisa Charles 8.26 thrilled with debut 

Fran Boorer 8.00 6 foot qualifier 

Lisa Mintz 9hrs another ultra under wraps 

Jo Zimerman 8.19 5th ever ultra

UTA 22k

Steve Garamy enjoyed debut 3.30

UTA 100k

Zac Smith 19.21 aka trail running beard man, congrats on debut & belt buckle

Jakub Bay to Breakers 12k, San Fran Sun 20th May what an experience! 

Aoife Suttle sprint tri & Emma Page Olympic distance  Port Stevens triathlons


Sydney 10k May 2018 at Homebush: Such an exciting morning at the Sydney 10k and seeing all the sprint finishes on the track last 350m! See all pics on our Rejoov Runners Facebook page. 

Results including our ANSW runners: 
Andy Heyden 32.36 Pb (first time sub 33. 2nd in 40-44 AG, 33rd male overall) 
CT 32.56 (5th in 40-44 AG) 
Mark Higgs 33.35 2.5min PB
Jerome Dupuy 33.58 PB (7th 35-39 AG) 
Jack Maxwell 34.05 PB
Eoin Reville 34.15 PB (8th 35-39 AG) 
Chris Strom 34.42 PB
Jeet Aich 35.02 2nd fastest time ever (8th in 40-44 AG) 
Dan de Zilva 35.29 PB
Rob Wilson 35.31 PB
Anthony Biggs 36.03
Hamish Mountford 36.42
Johnny McCormack 37.28 PB
Cathy Liu 37.39 38sec PB (18th female overall) 
Maya Borthwick 38.05 PB (4th in 40-44 AG, 20th female overall) 
Pete Truscott 38.43
Jessie Hanna 38.42 PB
Anna White 38.49
Eleanor Goldrick 39.34
Jenny Doak 39.46 (7th in 40-44 AG) 
Rach Kay 40.56 PB
Ash Ruane 41.11 PB
Olivia Johnson 41.54 PB
Mary Stringer 42.00 winner of over 60s!! 
Melanie Truscott 42.12
Jo Hadley 44.05 1min 50sec PB
Sammie Feeley 44.11 over a min PB
Neil Rosenbaum 43.27
Jamie Broom 45.05
Fran Boorer 52.45
Emma Trehy 53.07
Cathie Sherrington 53.28
Jessica McDonagh 53.40 4min PB
Desie Joannides 54.01

Sydney 10k big group 2018.jpg


Canberra April 2018: Well done everyone across 5k, 10k, half, marathon & 50k, lots of pbs & break through runs. Jaden & Greta enjoyed cheering 👏🏻 . Great team dinner Saturday night & fun post run celebrations Sunday, happy bday John McCormack 🎉. 
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Canberra Marathon:

Rob Wilson 2.52 & 7min PB 

Johnny McCormack 3.28.10 tough solo into head wind section & a 17min PB

Jo Hadley 3.42.50 thrilled with breakthrough 8min PB

Lisa Charles 5.08 debut breakthrough training for UTA 50k  

Fran Boorer pacing 6hrs 


Canberra half marathon: 

Maya Borthwick 89.10 happy to be racing again 10th female 

Rachel Birds 93.49 a 1.5min PB 

Grant Sherman 94.23 a 20min PB

Lisa Sherman 96.33 close to pb

Adam Ballesty 97.08 enjoyed running with running husband DMac

Darren MacGregor 97.08

Olivia Johnson 97.19 first half post baby 

Georgina Eden 98.52 an 8min PB 

Jamie Broom 1.33.50 a 4min PB

Chris Truscott 77.10 seized a bit in cold 

Sarah Binks 1.40.13 seized a bit in cold

Dave Stewart 1.40.11 debut road half PB 

Darren Bagnall 1.44.41 backing up after 10k day prior & enjoyed a PB 

Olivia McArdle 1.59.31 beat the past 2yrs 

Janine Tennille 2.14 recovering from injury 

Pam Beigel 2.05.31 thrilled with a 35min PB 

Brett Rubin 2.33 happy & training well for UTA 

Jo Zimerman 1.48 training for UTA



Oliver Gissing 39.23 on come back 

Darren Bagnall 44.53 fastest time in 25yrs 

Rebecca McCormack 59.29 happy to be running 

Melissa MacGregor 29.52 5k event debut 


Ultra 50k: 

Lesley 6.08 debut 

Diala 6.08 debut 


Thanks Cheer squad & photographers: Zac, Melissa M & girls, Caroline B & Kids, Greta & Jaden

 Pyjama party or the start of the Canberra Australian Running Festival ? 

Pyjama party or the start of the Canberra Australian Running Festival ? 

Replenishing fluids & electrolytes after training

BY LISA SHERMAN, Nutritionist can be reached through her website www.wholelifenutrition.net.au or phone 0413 580 608.


Electrolytes are important minerals in our body as they affect how our body functions in a number of ways.  They are involved in balancing the amount of water and our acid-base (pH) balance; they help move nutrients into and wastes out of our cells; and are required for optimal functioning of our nerves, muscle, heart and brain function.


Electrolytes include sodium, potassium, magnesium, calcium and chloride and we lose electrolytes when the balance of water in our body changes, such as when we sweat, common during exercise, especially high intensity or endurance training and events.  Whilst it is important that we rehydrate well and replenish these electrolytes after training, all too often we replace the electrolytes with sports drinks which can be very high in calories and/or added sugars and this is not ideal.


There are many delicious, natural, wholefood sources of all of these electrolytes.  Why not try adding a few more of these foods to your post-training meals to aid recovery and replenish the fluids and electrolytes lost during training.


Sodium – this is an essential electrolyte required for water and acid-base balance as well as renal function, and also helps with nerve and muscle function.  Occurs naturally in most foods including vegetables, salmon, melons, but be careful of high levels of added salt in processed foods.


Potassium – works in partnership with sodium and is important for nerve and muscle cell function and can help improve blood pressure control.  Good sources include chicken, fish (such as salmon and sardines), broccoli, peas, tomatoes, potatoes (especially their skins), sweet potato, bananas, nuts and dried apricots.


Magnesium – this is an essential mineral for maintaining optimal nerve and muscle function, helps support a healthy immune system, building strong bones and energy metabolism.  Green leafy vegetables, legumes, nuts, seeds and wholegrains are all excellent sources.  Magnesium may also be found in tap, bottled or mineral water – another reason to ensure we rehydrate post-training.


Calcium – the fifth most abundant element in our body and required for heart and skeletal muscle contraction and relaxation, protecting and building bones and teeth, maintaining a healthy blood pressure and nervous system function.  Whilst dairy products (yoghurt, milk, cheeses) are often considered the main sources of calcium, other good sources include almonds, brazil nuts, broccoli, sunflower seeds, tahini and tinned salmon and sardines (with soft bones).


Chloride – along with sodium, this element helps maintain water and acid-base balance, and is important for optimal body function.  Good sources include tomatoes, lettuce, celery and olives but also found naturally in many vegetables.


Cathy Liu's progression to 10k PB 37.39

By Cathy Liu

I began running with Rejoov in October 2017 as I was keen to try track running after only focussing on road running for the last 4 years. I was feeling quite nervous and intimidated at the thought of track racing but Greta was always such a calming, cheery and encouraging influence. The track training sessions were the perfect preparation both physically and mentally.

 Cathy Liu Striders 10k March 2018

Cathy Liu Striders 10k March 2018

Greta makes sure the environment is fun, relaxed and encouraging, while still pushing us to work hard and give our best. The other Rejoov runners were a joy to train with as everyone is so supportive of each other. These sessions quickly became the highlight of my training week, which far surpassed my original expectations (which was the exact opposite!).

 Cathy and track training buddies Jade, Brendan, Fred & Neil

Cathy and track training buddies Jade, Brendan, Fred & Neil

Following the track season, I began following training programs prescribed by Greta to work towards new road racing goals. These programs are great as they are tailored to my circumstances, including my goals, injuries (both previous and current), any injury-prone areas and schedule.

 Cathy track 5000m champs PB  

Cathy track 5000m champs PB  

Greta is a very attentive and personable coach, checks in every week without fail and adjusts the program as needed. She is also always open to discussing any ideas or thoughts I have (no matter how crazy they were!). During my time under Greta's tutelage, I always felt the belief she had in my ability to reach my goals (which was often more than the belief I had in myself) and I was always encouraged and cheered on every time we hit a hurdle.

 Cathy bronze medal in the Novice 10k XC Champs St George - Ramsgate April 2018

Cathy bronze medal in the Novice 10k XC Champs St George - Ramsgate April 2018

It's no surprise that in the few months that I've been coached by Greta, I got a 5k PB (18.15) and, ultimately, a 38 second 10k PB (37.39) despite a preparation that was hampered by a hip injury. In short, I can't thank Greta and Rejoov enough for the new running experiences I've gained, all that I've learnt and all the friends I've made in the last 8 months. 

 Cathy Sydney 10k finish May 2018 PB 37.39

Cathy Sydney 10k finish May 2018 PB 37.39

 Cathy and buddies post Sydney 10k - everyone happy :) 

Cathy and buddies post Sydney 10k - everyone happy :)