White Fence Track Club twilight Summer series

A Christmas themed WFTC series #3 on Wed evening 6th Dec was our biggest night yet, thanks so much everyone for coming along. We were lucky the storm passed a couple hours beforehand, leaving us with beautiful sunny conditions, a fun warm up together, the white fence shenanigans & post race picnic & drinks. 

Top 3 males: 

1. Chris Truscott in santa hat 11.24 new WFTC record taken from Ali Najeem’s 11.27 from series #2

2. 12.42 Mark Higgs (debut)

3. 13.06 Johnny MacCormack

Top 3 females:  

  1. 14.25 Maya Borthwick 
  2. 14.29 Rachel Birds 
  3. 14.47 Rachael Honeywood 
WFTC #3 Dec 2017 gp start.jpg

A big thanks for our lucky door prizes - 2 bottles of fine wine from Taylors Wines and Revvies for 2 x packs caffeine strips & chamois perfect for towelling down after a hard run! Winners: Zac Smith, Sarah Bembrick, Rachael Honeywood & Haley Kain. 

WFTC #3 Zac Taylors winner.jpg

Host Adam Ballesty & Diagio work team. Time Keepers Rejoov coach Greta, Catrina Henderson (a big love mercy fan) & Zoolander/rejoover Olivia Burton. Xmas tunes by Love Mercy CEO Caitlin Barrett. Thanks to all the cheer squad that simply came to watch and hang out. Thanks everyone from various clubs - Rejoov Runners, Hurt Squad, Sydney Striders, Zoolanders, TriZone, Sweat, JORG, Run Crew, Jock Athletic, Love Mercy Foundation, Out Run Cancer & Running for Premature Babies. 

Full WFTC 3.6k results: 

  1.  Chris Truscott in santa hat 11.24 new WFTC record 
  2. 12.42 Mark Higgs (debut) 
  3. 13.06 Johnny MacCormack 
  4. 13.15 Luke Barrett (debut) 
  5. 13.54 Darren MacGregor 
  6. 13.58 Matt Wacher (debut)
  7. 14.25 Maya Borthwick
  8. 14.29 Rachel Birds 
  9. 14.31 Jack Basil-Jones Diagio (debut) 
  10. 14.41 David Cross 
  11. 14.45 Josh Kolo 
  12. 14.47 Rachael Honeywood 
  13. 14.49 Zac Smith 
  14. 14.57 Haley Kain
  15. 14.59 Tommy Callachor 
  16. 15.18 Aiden Karaman PB
  17. 15.20 Alia Karaman 
  18. 15.27 Darryl Chrisp  
  19. 15.28 Karl Hayes  
  20. 15.30 Dan Forgette
  21. 15.33 Hayden ? (debut)
  22. 15.46 Sarah Bembrick
  23. 16.10 Alex McCulloch (debut) 
  24. 16.19 Andrew Boulton (debut) 
  25. 17.04 Calvin Jacob (debut) 
  26. 17.06 ? 
  27. 17.24 Warren Aronstan (debut) 
  28. 17.35 Daniel Hill 
  29. 18.06 Polina Tan 
  30. 18.15 Nick Havers 
  31. 18.31 Emma Trehy
  32. 18.36 Hannah Cunliffe
  33. 18.37 Sarah Collins 
  34. 19.29 Rey Reodica 
  35. 20.02 Lesley Mason 
  36. 20.09 Cathy Rowney & dog Jake 
  37. 20.13 Lisa Studenki 
  38. 21.05 Lidia Scotto di Vetta pushing pram 
  39. 21.05 Robin Ball
  40. 21.05 Fiona McDonald 
  41. 21.58 ?
  42. 23.05 Siobhan Cunliffe 
  43. 23.12 Luca Turrini pushing pram 
  44. 30.30 Marguerite 
WFTC #3 kids start.jpg

Kids run (20 kids - thanks partners for helping out - Vets, Chris Tan & Jason Bembrick & gang): 

Boys 1k

  1. Harry Ballesty 
  2. Jack Honeywood 
  3. Jaden Truscott 

Girls 1k 

  1. Neve Corgette 
  2. Eden MacGregor 
  3. Isla MacGregor 

Kids 1k/500m (not listed in order of finishing as it got chaotic with kids going everywhere haha - we need more marshalls, but the kids had a ball which was awesome to see) : 

Alex & Oliva Tan, Ava & Chloe Bembrick, Olivia & Zara Borthwick, Lucas & Noah Kain, Lucy Forgette, Alice & Lucy Ballesty, Bridey MacGregor, Seb Higgs, Hadley Barrett 

WFTC #3 kids cheered on by mum.jpg


White Fence Track Club series #2 hosted, drinks, race briefing & music by AB. Photography Carolyn. Lucky door prizes by the Running Club Bondi Beach. Time Keepers G, Caitlin Barrett, Oliver Gissing. Supporters Fein family Peter, Paul, Nicole & baby. Alia’s daughter Alyssa. Jo Mawson & Finley, Naomi Tancred. Thanks everyone for going from various clubs (listed below) with most from rejoov. 


WF 3.6k (no cutting the mckay corner):  

1 Ali Najeem 11.27 Jock athletic, new WFTC record from Chris Truscott in race #1 11.28 

2 Johnny MacCormack 12.59 

3 Maya Borthwick 14.01 new record off Rachel Birds in race #1 14.26

4 Darren MacGregor 14.02

5 Melissa Campbell 14.44 jock athletic 

6 Patrick Molloy 14.50

7 David Cross 14.53

8 Damian Tancred 14.54 Athletics east

9 Rachael Honeywood 15.00

10 Hayley Kain 15.00 (Rach & Hayley another tied finish)

11 Karl Hayes 15.07 TriZone

12 Mary Stringer 15.11 

13 Darren Bagnall 15.14

14 Georgina Eden 15.19

15 Sammie Feeley 15.28 WF PB 

16 Darryl Chrisp 15.33 Sydney strider 

17 Alia Karaman 15.49 JORG & run crew 

18 Aidan Karaman 15.50 (Alia’s son) 

19 Liz Comber 16.18

20 Emily Bassett 16.21

21 Daniel Hill 17. 39 

22 Emma Trehy 17.58 WF PB

23 Lesley Mason 20.04

24 Anne Cumming 20.49 

25 Lisa Studencki 20.50

26 Aofi Suttle 23.36

27 Noel 23.56 dog chasing Aofi for a WF PB

WFTC #3 group hands up start.jpg


Kids 1k:

Josh Tancred 4.49 

Harry Ballesty 5.10

Eden MacGregor 5.42

Jaden Truscott 5.52

Bridie MacGregor 5.58 


Kids 500m:

Jonno Tancred 3.15 

Lucas Kain 3.20

Noah Kain 3.30 

Isla MacGregor 3.32

Alice Ballesty 3.34

Lucy Ballesty 3.40 

Charlie Fein 3.42  sweat



WFTC #1  launch results 4/10/17


WF 3.6k males top 3:

Chris Truscott 11.28

Chris Strom 12.32

Darren MacGregor 13.30


WF 3.6k females top 3:

Rachel Kay 14.26

Lisa Sherman 15.06

Rachael Honeywood & Hayley Kain 15.20


Full list WF: 

Chris Truscott 11.28

Chris Strom 12.32

Darren MacGregor 13.30

Alex Foster 13.39

Rachel Kay 14.26

Darren Bagnall 15.01

Lisa Sherman 15.06

Karl Hayes 15.09

Dave Stewart 15.15

Rachael Honeywood 15.20

Hayley Kain 15.20

Lisa Gibson 15.41

Sammie Feeley 15.50

Emma Starritt 16.15

Bronwyn Armytage 16.38

Paul Wilson 17.15

Rebecca Dixon 17.23

Emma Trehy 19.18

Kim Colville .. 19.38 

Lesley Mason 19.52

Susan McCallum 19.52

Trish Grant (Hyslop) 20.21

Peter Fein 21

Paul Fein 21 father & son running together 

Siobhan Cunliffe .. 

Olivia Burton .. 

Aoife Suttle & dog Noel 🐶 25.36

Alex Burton 30.20 11yrs old 

Dan Forgette friend running with Alex 30.21

Total 30 🙌🏼 


Kids 1k: 


1. Jack Hyslop 4.54

2. Shamus Hyslop 5.06

3. Oliver Hyslop 5.35

4. Jack Honeywood 6.15

5. Ben Dixon 6.50

6. Lucas Kain 7.15

7. Noah Kain 7.16



1. Samantha O'Shannassy 6.30

2. Eden MacGregor 6.33

3. Isla MacGregor 7.12

4. Danika Stewart 7.13

5. Lucy Dixon 8.25

6. Bridie MacGregor 8.30

7. Lucy Ballesty 8.41

Total 14 kids 🙌🏼


Cheer squad x 20: 


Toni Calvert 

James Dixon 

Lisa Studencki 

Nicole Fein

Rowan Gibson

Deirdre Hopkins 

Jennifer Lowry

Grant Sherman

Caroline Ballesty

Sue Gerty

Melissa MacGregor

Andrea O'Shannassy



Luke Sherman

Jos Bagnall 

Hunter Calvert

Jaden Truscott 

Jasper Burton 

Lucy Stewart

Rollo Strom 

Isaac O'Shannassy 



Melbourne, Barossa & Maroubra fun run results 2017

Amazing day for everyone in Melbourne Running Festival 15/10/17 and other events: 
Grant Sherman 41.33 4min PB huge! 
Jack Maxwell 35.31 24sec PB go Jack! 

Darren MacGregor PB 3.05 marathon

Darren MacGregor PB 3.05 marathon

Nick Roberts 72.15 flying the flag for Rejoov!! Thanks Nick one of our ANSW runners
Sarah Binks 1.38 6min pb even after New York! 
Susan MacCallum 2.02.18 with quad injury, over 50 & over 20min pb
Jo Hadley 1.43.40 pb very happy and backed up post Berlin marathon
Bronwyn Armytage 96.44 1min pb woo go Bron! 
Chris Strom 1.23.58 w a cold & achilles trouble well done buddy
Cathy Liu 84.30 pb thanks Cathy for wearing Rejoov also one of our ANSW runners
Michael Baer 91mins recovering from a foot injury 

Lesley Mason PB 4.29 marathon

Lesley Mason PB 4.29 marathon

Lisa Sherman 3.45 We are especially proud of Lisa: "..was tough with a couple of injuries but I’m totally pumped and proud - that’s my 5th marathon in 3 years"
Darren MacGregor 3.05 a 11min pb & Boston marathon dream could come true for 2019, thanks wife Melissa for brilliant updates on everyone  
Maya Borthwick 3.09 a 25min pb we are all so happy
Pete 3.06 & Mel Truscott 3.17 a 1min pb - hubby and wife duo
Lesley Mason 4.29.52 20min pb, gave it everything & hurt a lot, these efforts are gold!

Rejoovers celebrating including Grant's PB 41.33 10k, Sarah Bembrinks PB 1.38 half, Maya Borthwicks PB 3.09 marathon & Lisa Shermans awesome 5th marathon 3.45. 

Rejoovers celebrating including Grant's PB 41.33 10k, Sarah Bembrinks PB 1.38 half, Maya Borthwicks PB 3.09 marathon & Lisa Shermans awesome 5th marathon 3.45. 

Thanks volunteer Pia Gilmour for pics & support from Melbourne. 

 Abby Hewitt ran 20k yesterday & 10k today on challenging beautiful trails in a team as part of the Freycinet Challenge! 

Lisa Mintz has been doing her 3 day grand circle trailfest in Utah, and then the West Virginia Trilogy trail weekend. We can't keep up withLisa Mintz long list of adventures 😃

Massive congrats everyone, what a weekend!

21-22/10/17 Another fabulous weekend of Rejoov club results:
- Double wins for partners Oliver Gissin on his win and pb 2.52.17 in the hilly Barossa valley marathon, he had to fight for it as he wasn't leading until close to the end! And Georgina Eden on winning the Barossa valley 10k 45.25 - both celebrating in a prime location 🍷🍷

Oliver Gissing takes the win in the Barossa Valley marathon 2.52

Oliver Gissing takes the win in the Barossa Valley marathon 2.52

- well done Olivia Johnson, Wendy Cheng, Jacqueline Fox, Sue Gerty and Andrea O'Shannassy in the Sydney trail series -  jumping for joy! 

Rejoov Zebras jumping for joy at the Sydney Trail Series 

Rejoov Zebras jumping for joy at the Sydney Trail Series 

- Great team turn out at Maroubra fun run, congrats 8k runners on your teams win!! Chris Truscott 2nd, newbie Mark Higgs 4th, Jesse Hanna, Matty Burke, Emily Bassett, Cathy Rowney Lidia Scotto Di Vetta Emma Trehy Claire Baber Margaux Taylor Lara Taylor Adrienne Taylor Emma Page Yin Soon Tania Farmer  and myself in the 4k (5th female) 

Some of our Maroubra fun runners - sensational day! 

Some of our Maroubra fun runners - sensational day! 

- Scott O'Connor 31.23 (8th) & John Bartlett 31.59 (10th) our ANSW runners in the windy tough Burnie 10k Tassie
- Mary Stringer, Greg Puttick, Helen Banks in the 120k Bowral Classic thanks to their awesome bike 🚴🏻 coach Stuart Cassie and also our runner Niki Hale did the 120k bike too 🙌🏼

Six Foot Track Camp & Race 2018

Six foot track logo image005.png

Rejoov Runners is proud to announce that we will be the official training partner of the 2018 Six Foot Track Ultra Marathon in the Blue Mountains.

The Six Foot Track (http://www.sixfoot.comis a 45km trail stretching across the Blue Mountains from The Explorer's Marked Tree, near Katoomba, to Jenolan Caves. The marathon started in 1984 and follows the length of the entire trail. Every year since its inception, this event has grown and evolved into one of Australia’s premier events. So much so that it now only offers entry via ballot (Nov 27th) or pre-qualification.

Rejoov Runners will be hosting the official 6ft Track training weekend over the weekend of January 20-21 with the event itself scheduled for March 10th 2018.

You will be staying overnight in the very iconic Jenolan Caves House in shared or private accommodation, with buffet dinner and lunch included. You will gain access to most of the trail itself via our planned training run on Saturday and long run Sunday and you will be provided with invaluable advice and practical sessions around core strength, stretching, nutrition and generally what to expect on the big day.

Below is a profile of the course. Believe it or not, it’s officially a net downhill course although it does feel like you are running uphill most of the way. It is a tough event but very enjoyable at the same time. You need to be a runner to understand.

Six foot elevation image007.jpg

And below is an image of Caves House right down in the valley where you can explore the many caves on offer if you haven’t already had enough exercise.

Caves House - Jenolan Caves - The Finish Line! 

Caves House - Jenolan Caves - The Finish Line! 

So now is the time to start planning well in advance. Here’s your simple checklist:

1)      Can I run that far?

2)      Do I want to?

3)      I had better plan my training then.

4)      Email Chris & Greta to pencil in a reserved spot on the training camp (partners welcome)

5)      Diarise Nov 27th to enter the race itself

6)      Train train train – speak to Chris & Greta about Rejoov’s special 6ft training block offer for December to March.

We’d love to see as many of you as possible at both the training camp and the race itself. Please reach out and chat with Chris or Greta if you have questions about the event & camp.

We look forward to seeing the Rejoov orange and pink singlets flowing along the track next March.

Chris & Greta Truscott - greta@rejoovrunners.com.au or chris@rejoovrunners.com.au or call us on 0419 021 694