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Larapinta Trail Experience - Easter 2018 (Mar 29-Apr 3)

We are open for bookings, please join us for our Red Centre Running Camp over Easter 2018 along the World Heritage Listed Larapinta Trail for anyone who wants to challenge themselves AND experience one of Australia's most spectacular & famous trails. Larapinta Trail is voted one of the top 20 trails by National Geographic. 

There will be short & long options for 4 days (see itinerary below) and you will refresh back at the accommodation each night and swim in beautiful waterholes along the way etc. You do not have to run the whole trail as we will have shorter options to match fitness levels & we all drive in and out to access the trail each day. This will provide a fantastic taste of much of the trail. We start at one end of the Larapinta Trail, the Telegraph Station and culminate in the Mt Sonder end of Larapinta Trail. 

We will co-ordinate with everyone coming, to work this all out in advance so don't feel this trip is for the hard core only. But a good level of running fitness is required so you are confident of completing these sections within the allocated timeframe. 

Larapinta section 2.jpg

A long run/walk training plan will be provided to you once we receive your deposit so you can get all prepared in the coming months. 

We will have a coach available at the various trail access points plus Greta’s dad in his 4WD on standby should the bus not be able to access the trailhead at the end of a particular section.

WHEN: Thur 29th March – Tues 3rd April 2018

WHERE: Telegraph Station in Alice Springs to Mt. Sonder (West MacDonnell Ranges). The trail is 223km in its entirety.

BOOKINGS: Are now open (min age 13yrs) – contact or to sign up.

COST: $1450.00 (a non refundable deposit of $300 is due by 15th January which will be taken off the total cost).

NB: We are definitely going ahead with this camp, please go ahead and make your deposits with us and book your own flights. 

Larapinta section 5.jpg

SAFETY FIRST: This is Rejoov Runners first serious trail camp. As such, our number one goal is to get you all around without incident or accident. Safe movement at all times is of the upmost importance as is looking after your mates around you. We will have the right supplies on board the coach, plus sat phones and trackers but it is up to you to ensure you are aware of your surroundings and can cover the terrain accordingly. You will be required to sign a waiver in advance acknowledging that you are fit and able to participate and that you understand that you are undertaking this of your own free will. Having said all that, the trail although a little rough in parts, is quite runnable and most definitely walkable.


- All accommodation: twin share in Alice Springs Mercure Chifley Hotel (3nights) and quad share bunkhouse style in the outback at Glen Helen Lodge (2nights)

- All food: Breakfast / lunch / dinner / snacks / water etc / (alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks at own expense)

- Coach transport to ferry us all around in air conditioned coach comfort.

- Entry permits where applicable: such as Standley Chasm.

- Entry into the Alice Springs Desert Park on Thursday afternoon

- First aid equipment (and a superintendent from St. Johns Aust on hand aka Greta’s Dad)

- Rejoov Runners service fee which includes full organisation for absolutely everything plus on site support throughout. Jaden will also be our little helper.


- Flights – use FF points if you can. It’s just Qantas that flies there.

- Mandatory gear: Hydration packs for water, drink bottle/soft flask for sport drinks i.e. tailwind, energy gels & fuels, strapping tape/bandage, whistle, mobile phone, hat and small carry sunscreen. Full trail checklist further below. 

- All drinks outside that which is provided during the day and may be included with the pre purchased meals.

Larapinta section 6.jpg


- You will have no more than 6hrs each day to cover your chosen trail section. Careful planning will ensure you do not over commit with this.  

- Below is the Itinerary and trail section outline. Some trail section starting and ending points are actually 1-4kms away from accessible driving points (ie beyond the national park gates). Others may not be accessible in full by our coach and will require 4WD access only which we will have one of. As we progress with the planning, we will create a few different groups who will agree in advance to cover certain sections each day and will stay within whistle distance of one another at all times. There will be opportunities to swim in very refreshing water holes along the way (Ellery Gorge, Ormiston Gorge, Glen Helen Gorge, Red Bank Gorge)

- Lunch will be on the road / at the completion of your daily run.

- Breakfast and dinner will be at the accommodation.


Thursday 29th Mar:

-          fly into ALICE SPRINGS

-          Afternoon Desert Park visit 

-          Overnight at the Mercure Chifley Hotel Alice Springs.

-          Swim, welcome drinks, Day 1 trail briefing and dinner at Mercure Hotel or Telegraph Station

Friday 30th Mar Day 1 Trail:

-          Breakfast at the hotel

- Breakfast at the hotel

- LONG/SHORT OPTION bus transfer to Larapinta trail leg starting from the Telegraph Station / OR Stuart Hwy, finishing at Simpson’s Gap 24km/19km - more runnable section (Section 1 to 2 east to west trail heads) then TRANSFER all to Standley Chasm for lunch

- Lunch & refreshments at Standley Chasm (Kiosk & striking walk) 

- Overnight at the Mercure Chifley Hotel Alice Springs.

- Swim in hotel pool, drinks, dinner and Day 2 briefing.

Saturday 31st Mar Day 2 trail:

- Breakfast at the hotel

- SHORT OPTION bus transfer to Larapinta trail leg starting at Serpentine Gorge finishing at Ellery Creek Big Hole 14k (Section 8-7 west to east trail heads). 
LONG OPTION an extra return leg heading further East to the Saddle & return 8km. Total 22km

- Lunch & swim at Ellery Creek Big Hole

- Transfer and overnight at Glen Helen Lodge (bunkhouse quad share style)

- Drinks, dinner and Day 3 briefing

Sunday 1st April Day 3 trail (Easter Sunday):

- Sunrise Easter egg hunt / breakfast at the lodge

- SHORT OPTION run 3.5k from Glen Helen Lodge to Larapinta trail then 9.4k leg to Ormiston Gorge a more runnable (Section 11-10 west to east trail heads). LONG OPTION go further East past Ormiston Gorge & back. Additional option very rocky mostly walkable Ormiston Pound/Ghost Gum walk

- Ormiston Gorge for swim and Lunch

- Transfer to Glen Helen Lodge (another great spot for a swim)

- Drinks, dinner and Day 4 briefing

Monday 2nd April Day 4 trail: 

- Breakfast at the lodge

- LONG OPTIONS: Run from Glen Helen Lodge 3.5k to Larapinta trail leg starting from Finke River finishing at Red Bank Gorge 26k (Section 11-12 trail heads) plus optional section 12 starting from Redbank Gorge going up to Mt Sonder & return = 15.8K (Steep elevation to the top of NT’s 4th highest mountain at 1380m) TOTAL 45.3k like doing 6 Foot Track in difficulty!

- SHORT OPTION: Transfer to Larapinta trail leg starting from Redbank Gorge going up to Mt Sonder & return = 15.8K (Section 12 Steep elevation to the top of NT’s 4th highest mountain over 1000m of elevation, difficult grade, less running & more walking). Mt Sonder marks one end of the celebrated Larapinta trail

- Swim and Lunch at Redbank Gorge

- Transfer (and sleep) back to Alice Springs

- Overnight, pool after party and dinner at the Mecure Chifley Hotel.

Tuesday 3rd April:

- Sunrise walk & climb Mt Gillen (a short 15min drive from the hotel to Flynn's Grave adjacent to the Alice Springs Desert Park, from where you're start your walk & hill/ridge climb will take about 1.5 - 2hrs return then transfer back to hotel for breakfast... 
OR a well earnt sleep in / breakfast at your leisure

- Time to take in Alice Springs CBD / souvenirs etc.

- Fly out

Glen Helen Gorge sunset, where we'll be staying in the Lodge on Saturday & Sunday nights

Glen Helen Gorge sunset, where we'll be staying in the Lodge on Saturday & Sunday nights

NB: The above planned segments are subject to change due to accessibility or weather issues. We will do everything possible to work around any unforeseen circumstances.

NEXT STEPS: Get in now or you might miss out on this amazing experience. Email Chris & Greta with your booking, send through your deposit and you're in.

Looking forward to hosting you next Easter.

Chris & Greta - /

Simpsons Gap creek bed 

Simpsons Gap creek bed 

We will travel in a comfortable, air-conditioned coach with certified driver/tour guide plus the expert commentary from Glen Auricht (Greta's Dad) and of course coaching advice from Chris & Greta throughout. Glen has worked with the indigenous communities and has lived in Hermannsburg, Tjuwanpa and Alice Springs for over 40 years & will share his in depth knowledge of the flora, fauna, geology & local indigenous languages.

Ellery Big Hole - one of the many fabulous water holes we'll swim in

Ellery Big Hole - one of the many fabulous water holes we'll swim in

CHECKLIST for the trails:

- light, cool, light coloured running clothing

- normal running shoes that you're well used to & have trained in

- good socks

- breathable hat/cap, sunglasses

- hydration pack 2L

- bottle or soft flask for tailwind 

- bandaids & tape for blisters

- compression bandage for ankle sprains (god forbid)

- tissues

- suncream & lip balm

- carbs/fuel enough for 1gram carbs / kg body weight per hour ie: energy gels, clif bloks, hammer bars, medjool dates, vegemite sandwich.. etc

- map will be provided & plastic snap bag

- mobile phone (telstra best coverage) 

- SAT 2 way phone available for hire

- body glide or vaseline

- throat lozenges as the throat can get quite dry & sore in the dryer air i.e. strepsils, difflam, butter menthols etc

- water purification tablets 

- travel insurance in case you need helicopter rescue - or enquire with your ambulance membership or with your personal accident insurance.

A light weight hydration pack 2L is plenty:…/accessories-hydration-packs

Nutrition & Tailwind:

At Pace Athletic, 5 stores in Sydney remember to say you’re a Rejoov Runner for 10% off when you go in.


Every Running Camp is unique with all it's own set of fresh experiences. Here's some of the feedback we received from our 2017 camp goers: 

"Thank you so incredibly much for such an extraordinary, active, fun-filled yet relaxing weekend" Pia Gilmour

"Amazing trip! We loved it. Thank you for sharing the Red Centre with us." Vanessa & Lewis 

"Best Easter in a long time - thank you for letting us be guests of Rejoov." Andy & Pip

"Thank you for the most amazing trip of a lifetime. I have loved every minute of it. I feel truly blessed to have experienced it" Lisa Mintz