Dylan Munro

Dylan’s passions in life are family, friends, food, exercise and technology.

Until relatively recently Dylan has never been known as an “exercise guy”.  Whilst he always supported and appreciated his wife Rebecca with her passion for running and exercise he never got involved and was always happy to stand on the sidelines.

It was only after the birth of their son, and tipping the scales at 114kg’s that overnight he decided at 30 years of age it was time to make significant changes.

Through intense up/down hill one hour daily walks with his son either in the pram or on his back, and portion control (no fad diets) Dylan was ultimately able to shave off 30 kg’s and most importantly maintain it.

The geeky side of him was also motivated heavily by “gamifying” the weight loss and daily activity using the FitBit One activity tracker and the FitBit Aria scales.  The scales helped monitor his weight loss and body fat over time he lost the weight and the FitBit ensured he had a clear picture of whether he had done enough exercise for the day.

Over the time he lost the weight he recognised that maintaining a healthy lifestyle wasn’t just a matter of walking once a week and doing a short term fad diet, it was really about eating a balanced diet, maintaining portion size and exercising each and everyday.  Making a real and significant lifestyle change and making exercise and fitness part of who he was ultimately was the key to ongoing success.

Dylan’s daily routine now consists of 3-4 one hour intense super-circuit training sessions at LifeCycle Fitness in Bronte at 5am before each day walking his son and dog down to Bronte to take in beauty our Sydney beaches have to offer.

It’s his passion for technology and fitness that has come together in work with Chris, Greta and wife Rebecca in bringing Run With Us Online to life.  He hopes that this site will help bring the tools needed to maintain a healthy lifestyle to everyone.

Rebecca Munro

Rebecca’s two greatest passions in life are running and cooking.

Rebecca started running in high school representing her school at cross country. After school she ran for the ACT cross country club becoming part of the Talent Identification squads which were training groups to search for talent for the Sydney Olympics. She mainly ran trails through Stromlo Forest and all around Canberra where she grew up.

Rebecca had a break from running for a few years, but after moving to Sydney 10 years ago she started running again and has gone from strength to strength.  She found Rejoov 7 years ago and through the inspirational coaching and motivation of Greta and Chris she has achieved a huge repertoire of races including marathons, trail races, half marathons and plenty of 10km events. 

2014 has been her best year yet for running doing a 3.20 marathon in Melbourne, finally breaking 90 mins for a half marathon (87mins) and also achieving 57mins for Sydney's City to Surf 14k. She is looking forward to challenging herself in 2015. Running daily for Rebecca is very important to keep mentally strong as well as physically fit.

Growing up Rebecca was fortunate enough to have been raised on a completely unprocessed, raw diet, learning a love for cooking healthy and delicious meals from her mother. Now as an adult she loves to cook healthy meals for her friends and family as part of her daily life. She enjoys sharing  her recipes and knowledge on cooking.

Rebecca is a big believer that sustainable, healthy, fresh and quick meals should be part of our everyday life by following the food pyramid, portion control and no ‘fad diets’. Success has come to Rebecca by developing a lifestyle of exercise everyday and eating well, without depriving herself of occasional treats if she reaches her racing and fitness goals.

Rebecca works for a children's food company which manufacture 100% healthy pre packaged dinners for children. She has a passion for creating a healthier next generation.