Charlene Cassie


As a Specialist in Sport Nutrition, certified by the International Sports Science Association (ISSA) in the USA, Charlene develops customised sport nutrition plans for seasoned athletes and those new to sport.  She uses scientific, research-backed methods to help clients reach performance goals.  

Contact our mobile sports nutritionist Charlene Cassie on or 0476 276 176 any time of the day, weekdays or weekends. She can meet you in person in Sydney or conduct your assessment via email. Undertake your personalised nutrition program online with close weekly monitoring. Complete your food diary, measure your calorie intake (do you know how many calories you consume and how many you need?), and follow deliciously healthy weekly meal plans. It's easy to shop for the ingredients and Chris, Greta & other others enjoy this home cooking and wide variety of foods. 

For as long as Charlene can remember she has had an affinity for cooking and turning the naughtiest recipes into healthier, more balanced meals without compromising on flavour.  

She strongly believe that diets don't work as they have an expiration date.  So, her main focus is on enabling clients to adopt lifelong, solid nutrition habits.  It's all about whole foods and organic produce - food in its natural form is vitally important for lifelong health and well being.

After qualifying as a Sports Nutritionist, Charlene started out by building nutrition plans for a number of friends who competed in the ABSA Cape Epic - an 8-day, 750km (16,000m climbing) mountain bike race in South Africa.  She worked with seasoned athletes and refined their nutrition strategies, enabling them to reach the finish line each day and getting them to the start line on the following day.  This race ignited her passion for sport nutrition as she witnessed first hand the power of food in fuelling and healing the body!

Charlene works mainly with athletes who compete in half marathons, triathlons and endurance cycling races.  Aside from having competed in many endurance events (half marathons, 100km+ cycle races, triathlons) herself, she also enjoy an active lifestyle while running after young twin boys.  She has created her own race gels and sports drinks and continues to research more natural approaches to sport nutrition.

Charlene can be reached on or 02 8880 5118 (option 2). Or direct to Charlene Cassie on or 0476 276 176